BREAKING: Major “Wall” Announcement

President Donald Trump won the White House in part by promising to build a wall on the southern US border. So far, the Trump administration has not yet fulfilled that promise, but things seem to be moving forward.

According to NBC‘s Twitter account, a 30-foot-high wall is currently being constructed on the border between California and the Mexican state of Baja California. This border area is one of the more active routes currently used by human smugglers who are paid to ferry illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States.

If this is a preview of things to come, then many on the right-wing spectrum of “Trumpism” will finally get their chief wish.

After all, political pundit Ann Coulter has used her Twitter account to keep a running tally of all the days that the Trump administration has failed to build the wall. Coulter’s anger is palpable, for her and other immigration hardliners believe that this issue is priority number one and should be treated as such.

For President Trump, news of a border wall could not come at a better time.

Over the past few months, many Trump supporters have been critical of what seems to be Trump caving on the DACA issue. After all, if DACA recipients are granted US citizenship, chain migration from Mexico and Central America would result in millions of immigrants coming across the American border.

Right now, some GOP members in Congress are saying that Trump wants to cut a deal with Democrats that would grant DACA recipients citizenship, while simultaneously restricting legal immigration.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) recently told the press that Trump will not budge on DACA unless some serious measures are put in place.

“The president was very clear. Any effort to codify DACA needs to, one, be limited to DACA so the first criteria under the law should be you have a DACA permit today. Second, any deal has to end chain migration. And then third, it ought to include some kind of enhanced measures, whether it’s on the border or interior enforcement or what have you.”

While this policy represents one of the first serious attempts to curb chain migration by an American president, it still falls short of Trump’s campaign promises. After all, he did promise to stop all illegal immigration and deport all “Dreamers.”

In many ways, Trump is guilty of falling for the Left’s rhetoric on “Dreamers.” The truth is that many “Dreamers” are not kids, but full-grown adults who are already on public assistance and do not pay taxes. Several have already been incarcerated for various crimes, including drug trafficking, assault, etc.

A 30-foot-high wall is currently being constructed on the border between California and the Mexican state of Baja California. Will Trump get the whole wall?

Many conservatives fear that Trump is on the brink of going “wobbly” on immigration. Building a wall on the border with Mexico and continuing ICE raids against illegal immigrant criminals would shore up base support and could ultimately earn Trump the White House again in 2020. Building the wall is really that important.

Hopefully, the administration does not stop at Baja California, but puts up walls along the border in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.