CONFIRMED: Major U.S. Enemy Killed In Military Strike

President Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis just achieved another major victory in our military efforts.

The Pentagon has now announced that a top terrorist leader from Somalia has been killed: Ali Mohammed Hussein, according to the Washington Examiner. This al-Shabaab leader was also known as Ali Jabal. He had previously led forces in Somalia, including in the capital, Mogadishu, and two major regions.

Jabal was actually taken out in a drone strike conducted in July. But, showing their typical thoroughness, the military wanted to be sure of the man’s death before announcing it. Thankfully, they have been able to confirm the strike was successful.

A Pentagon spokesperson, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, explained why the leader’s death is so important to eliminating terrorism in Somalia. He said, “His removal disrupts a-Shabaab’s ability to plan and conduct attacks in Mogadishu and to plan and coordinate attacks with al-Shabaab regional commanders.”

As Fox News reports, the terrorist organization had been ramping up their attacks on Somalia. Not only had they attacked Somali forces, but they had conducted car bombings, ending in suicide. Recently, the terrorist organization had even conducted assassinations against police officers, military leaders, and Somali politicians.

The Al-Shabaab terrorists have been a plague on Somalia since 2006. They are trying to enforce Sharia law on the Somali people, who had been freed of the barbaric legal code by Ethiopian forces, as reported by the BBC. Ethiopia shares a border with Somalia and has lent a hand in securing the nation.

Working against Ethiopia and the Somali government, Al-Shabaab leaders, like Jabal, direct young and savage extremists to attack not just Somalis, but also their Kenyan neighbors. During some attacks on Kenya, the terrorist group has specifically targeted Christians.

Now, our military has lopped off the head of the snake of terrorism in Somalia, so those working beneath Jabal will be scrambling. The African nation, and its neighbors, will be safer thanks to our efforts. There have also been reports that the terrorist group was connected to various others throughout the world by lending and receiving support to them. Taking out the leadership of al-Shabaab is a step towards weakening other terrorist groups.

Indeed, this precise strike was the direct result of President Trump’s strategy for going after terrorists. Previously, the military has not been allowed to try to root Jabal out from Somalia.

But, in support of our allies in Somalia, and as part of our effort to remove the threat of terrorism, President Trump granted the military permission to target Jabal, within defined areas of Somalia, in March.

It took our military a short time to locate Jabal, decide on a strike plan, and wait for ideal conditions to conduct the successful drone operation. The strike was conducted at 3 pm local time, near a southern Somalia town called Totoro. There was not a single civilian casualty resulting from the strike.

Now this is the kind of precise action our military should have been allowed to take for the past eight years. This demonstrates just how effective and targeted a drone strike can be when capable leadership directs them.