HORROR: Major Threat Emerges On U.S. Soil. This Is The Enemy.

Socialism is receiving renewed interest in America as thousands of disgruntled millennials embrace the totalitarian ideology to validate their perceived diminishing economic prospects. Socialism’s popularity, however, does not reflect or transition to sane policies.

The Democratic Socialist National Convention convened in Chicago last weekend, offering delegates from 49 states the opportunity to shape the Democratic Socialists of America’s (DSA) policy platform, according to the Independent Journal Review. Reminiscent of the dawn of National Socialism in Germany in the 1930s, the Democratic Socialists drafted a plan to undermine the free institutions of American society.

Vox reports that DSA is the largest socialist organization in America and that their membership has skyrocketed in recent months, rising from 8,000 anti-capitalist dues-paying members to 25,000.

Almost 700 members of the DSA met in Chicago over the weekend to shape the socialist organization’s official policy platform. While the DSA is not a political party, they promote a platform and attempt to influence members of the Democrat Party and third parties to embrace their radical ideology.

The DSA delegates voted on many important issues such as the Israel-Palestine conflict and abortion. However, one of the more controversial decisions centered on the role of law enforcement. In a two-thirds majority, the DSA delegates voted for the complete abolition of police and prisons.

A recent Gallup poll reveals that Socialism is widely unpopular in America, however, the 25,000 members of the DSA have no qualms tainting other left-wing organizations with their totalitarian stain. We have been watching the once liberal Democrat Party completely abandon the individualist politics–that once defined the party–in favor of illiberal thought control.

There used to be a time when all Americans, Democrat, Republican or Independent, agreed on the centrality of the Constitution and the importance of protecting individual citizens from the over bearing power of government.

However, as soon as left-wing ideas started to enjoy cultural prominence in our society, socialists abandoned all pretenses and admitted their true desire for government control. Socialists, as history proves, complain about the evils of hierarchy until they are on the top.

Jeff Stein, the writer behind the very favorable Vox article on this convention, was extolling the virtues of Socialism in America when he accidentally let slip the error in logic that tricks young people into embracing central control of the economy. Stein explains that the majority of DSA members demand “completely severing the link between human needs and market scarcity.”

This line explains the major difference between conservatives and leftists. Conservatives understand that the world is imperfect. Conservative policies revolve around finding the best solution in an imperfect world by weighing the cost of solutions against the desired end.


Socialists, on the other hand, are ideologically utopian. They believe humans are inherently good and have been rendered imperfect by the unfair hierarchical institutions that pervade society. For socialists, market scarcity is not the reality that sets the terms for our market economy, but rather a conspiracy inflicted on the working class by abusive employers.

The Democratic Socialist National Convention was held last week, with delegates meeting to vote on platforms and positions of the group. Do you think these young socialists truly understand socialism?

Scarcity is the fundamental axiom behind the study of economics. We live in a world with limited resources and unlimited human desire. Until the socialists of America develop the technology required to create matter from nothing, capitalism will continue to be the most efficient and equitable economic system in the world.

Capitalism is the only economic system to have facilitated the creation of a middle class. If the youth of the DSA would have studied history and economics in school rather than gender studies and “Understanding Beyonce,” they would have understood this.