IT’S OVER: Major Insurance Company Abandons Crumbling Obamacare Exchanges

There are quite a few people who are opposed to the Affordable Care Act. Considering the prices, the unconstitutional mandate, and the fact that people cannot choose their doctor–as they were promised–it’s no wonder many good folks are looking for a way out of this society-damaging program.

There are far too many regulations under Obamacare, and it is the worst kind of money pit. Many companies are saying that they’ve had enough and are pulling out of the umbrella of the ACA. According to The Washington Examiner, the insurance giant, Aetna, decided that they want nothing to do with Obamacare and plan to exit completely by 2018. 

This is big news and proves what President Trump has been saying all along. Obamacare is failing right before our eyes. Hard-working Americans can’t deal with the outrageous stipulations of the crumbling health care plan.

Aetna confirmed during a phone call that they would be leaving the exchange. Initially, they were going to remain active in Nevada because there was a possibility they were going to apply for a Medicaid-managed care contract.

During the phone call, they confirmed that they were not awarded the Medicaid contract and, therefore, have no reason to stay involved in the exchange. They certainly have the right to leave, so they are not “in the house when it collapses,” as the adage goes.

In a statement, they said, “Our 2018 participation was required based on a Medicaid contract with the state…As a result of terminating that contract for unrelated reasons, we will not have a presence on the individual exchange in Nevada.”

Aetna’s CEO confirmed, “This is far less than the critical number needed to ensure a viable Medicaid plan capable of delivering quality care and competitive program.” In other words, Obama’s plan drove down quality in healthcare, as well as any real competition.

Aetna came to their conclusion after losing $700 million between 2014 and 2016 in other states. The 2017 projections for the company were just as grim. They predicted a loss of $200 million, which is alarming considering they narrowed down to only four states.

The issue is an influx of unhealthy people signing up for insurance, which eventually leads to tax subsidies. Consequently, the risk pool is implicated for the companies paying for the care. Aetna is not the first company to leave the exchange; many companies are starting to catch on.

Obamacare has been a monkey on the backs of the American people since its inception. Is Trump working around Congress to facilitate the collapse of the Affordable Care Act?

Once they realize that their business turned into a government-owned monopoly and they are hemorrhaging money, what are they supposed to do? Staying in business would certainly lead to bankruptcy.

It is so important that the GOP focuses and gets something done about Obamacare. The American people made it known that they do not want it anymore. Hopefully, we will see a shift in their mindset, and we can repeal the failing ACA forever.