ALERT: “Mad Dog” Mattis Destroys Obama

How our previous administrations handled the Afghanistan situation has been, without a doubt, one of the biggest debacles in our nation’s history. However, according to some top military experts, the blame rests solely on a few specific individuals.

Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis has gone on record to say that the reason why Afghanistan is as much of a mess as it is can be attributed to one man – Barack Obama. The previous president’s actions in handling the situation have only “emboldened” the Taliban, according to Newsmax.

In a testimony before a Senate subcommittee, Mattis said that Obama’s mistake – pulling our forces out of Afghanistan – was “misguided,” and only resulted in the emboldenment of Islamic extremists across the world.

“I believe that we pulled out forces at a time, as you know, when the violence was lower, but we pulled them out on a timeline rather than consistent with the maturation of the government and the security forces,” he said.

“The result was that as security declined, all the other stresses have come to bear, to include heavy casualties on the part of the Afghan forces, other nations pulled their troops out as well, and the Taliban was emboldened,” he continued.

The Secretary of Defence would elaborate further, noting that Obama’s decision to end all operations at 2014 was right when the military needed the freedom to operate the most. This decision to pull out was less about doing the right thing strategically as it was about fulfilling a political promise Obama made – operational consequences be damned.

Mattis said that, “At one point, when we reduced our forces there, I believe in what was probably in hindsight a misguided application of our forces, we restricted them from using our air support… that meant in the mountain country these troops were often fighting at a disadvantage.”

The former general even admitted that the US is “not winning in Afghanistan,” and that we were fighting at a “stalemate.”

These revelations are a disappointing display of incompetence. Letting political decisions supercede military common sense – something that surely has cost many lives already – is unacceptable. Thankfully, the current administration doesn’t see things that way, and is more than willing to give the military whatever discretion is necessary to make the best decisions in war.

“Mad Dog” Mattis says Afghanistan is a mess because Obama’s actions “emboldened” the Taliban. Do you agree?

For instance, a couple of months ago, James Mattis announced that the US was switching its military strategy against ISIS from “attrition tactics” to outright “annihilation,” stopping them in their tracks once and for all. Ever since that announcement, ISIS has been steadily losing ground – something that the Obama administration couldn’t do at all for years, ever since ISIS became a threat to global peace.

The moral of the story here is that in some administrations, such as the previous one, politically-motivated decision making is the most important thing, regardless of what the ramifications are on the geopolitical scale, or how many lives are lost. Obama’s decision to pull our troops out was a campaign promise he made years ago, and rather than admit that it was the wrong decision, he chose to move forward anyway.

Considering all the dangers that are pressing against this nation, we can be thankful that the current administration doesn’t operate that way.