Trump Attorney: Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Scandal Linked DIRECTLY to Obama [VIDEO]

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton on a private plane last summer. After this meeting was discovered by a local reporter, speculation about what the two were discussing that day took the nation by storm.

One of President Trump’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow, took to his radio show Tuesday to talk about a direct email link that he discovered between the Clinton-Lynch scandal and Obama’s White House. Sekulow found an email from the Department of Public Affairs to the White House. The email details an outline of Lynch’s speech to the public regarding the scandal and urges the White House to give them any suggestions on improving the speech. 

This email, and many others that have turned up since the meeting, show that everyone was in full panic mode. Watchdog groups like Judicial Watch filed for documents regarding the meeting, but did not successfully obtain them.

In fact, the Department of Justice and the FBI said that such documents didn’t exist. We later found out, through Sekulow and others, that there are hundreds of documents regarding their meeting.

The email outlined by Sekulow and others shows that everyone was confused on how to respond to the emails and inquiries regarding the meeting. Instead of responding officially, they would just redirect people to Lynch’s vague statement on the event.

Town Hall reports that Lynch has maintained she only talked with Clinton about grandchildren and golf. Despite the seemingly simple topics, everyone from the DoJ and White House seemed overly nervous about the event.

Oddly enough, a couple of days after the meeting, former FBI Director James Comey stated that there would be no charges leveled against Clinton for her use of a private email server, over which she had transmitted classified information.

One of the top lawyers at the Justice Department helped Obama and his administration with press statements about the infamous meeting, according to The Washington Free Beacon. If the meeting was as innocent as Lynch proclaimed, a lawyer-grade edit should not have been necessary.

The same lawyer who provided the edits, Paige Herwig, is the deputy general counsel for the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee–the same panel that is trying to determine if Lynch played any part in Clinton’s email scandal.

Herwig worked as associate counsel to Obama before working with Lynch. This one lawyer seems to be making her rounds through Democrat circles on very similar cases. All of the projects she worked on were not made available to the public until the American Center for Law & Justice pried the information out via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The Democrats were undoubtedly trying to cover up something big. The question is, how deep does this corruption run? Sekulow may have just hit the tip of the iceberg with this new connection between the White House and Lynch.

Every lead and connection must be investigated so that the truth behind this story can be exposed.