WATCH: Lou Dobbs Exposes Obama’s Treason On National Television

Lou Dobbs is known for being a clean shooter. He calls things for who and what they are, something the Democrats have always had a hard time dealing with. This is especially true if you should dare critique former President Barack Obama.

Dobbs has found himself talking more and more about the way Obama and his merry men will do anything to disrupt President Trump. He really brought the point home on his show when he said, “Barack Obama, who many claim will be creating a shadow government to frustrate the policy goals of this administration, we’re looking at something that’s coming very close to, it seems to me, sedition.”

In the past, Obama has said that he is “heartened” by the Democrats protesting against President Trump. He first started using this language right around the time that Trump tried to get his travel ban passed.

Since that time, we have seen many violent riots in the name of “freedom.” The only issue here is the freedom the Left is fighting is quite the opposite of the freedom that you and I would imagine.

What Dobbs was referring to is the “shadow government” that we have heard about in the past. The idea is that there is a location within two miles of the White House where people are actively working to shut down President Trump at every turn.

The line between conspiracy theory and fact starts to blend when you take a look around you and see the current state of the country. Breitbart reports that Obama has nearly 30,000 people — though that number has surely risen — that are willing to fight for his cause.

When the former president comes out and says that he is “heartened” by the violent protests where Trump supporters get beaten within an inch of their lives for thinking the wrong way, he is sending a very direct message. He is encouraging these people to keep their violent behavior up, and if possible, up the ante.

Now, less than a year into Trump’s presidency, free speech is getting shut down in places like Berkeley. People are literally being told that they can’t speak because their violent opinions threaten the “good” people with black masks and baseball bats.

Logically speaking, if Obama were as concerned for the country as he pretends he is, these people would have gotten a “tsk tsk” at best from the former president. Yet, nothing of that nature has happened. Instead, they are being encouraged and cheered on.

Lou Dobbs says Obama is working to create a shadow government to frustrate the policy goals of this administration. Do you believe there is a shadow government?

The irony that they would promote violence against people who do not think like them, while at the same time calling Trump a fascist is stunning. The only way you would not be able to see the irony is if you were purposely ignoring it.

Dobbs’ point is grave in nature. What former President Obama is doing is nothing short of treason. Instead of uniting the country he is only doing what he did while he was in office — dividing us further.

There is no doubt more than meets the eye here. Dobbs fair assessment of the situation has many people who support real freedom scratching their heads. When does this madness end? What will we “The People” have to do in order to gain back our core freedoms that have been lost in a sea of faux outrage and political correctness?