Looters Strike as Harvey Crashes In, Homeowners Show Them What Deadly Force Means

Hurricane Harvey caused a ton of damage. There are records of around $40 billion dollars in damage. Sadly, when a natural disaster strikes, a risk for damage from looting and rioting also increases.

In separate incidents across various cities, people are attempting to break into empty homes so they can steal whatever valuables are left behind. Some of these homes contain residents who never left, and in Houston and Corpus Christi, two people paid a price for trying to loot these homes, according to IJR.

In Houston, a suspect was shot and killed around 3 am when he tried to break into a home. The home was located in Houston’s Greater East End.

In Corpus Christi, police received a phone call from the 7100 block of Ficus Court, which is close to Yorktown Boulevard. Authorities stated that they found a suspect shot in the head after breaking into the home.

Surprisingly, a twitter update from the police station revealed that the suspect was alive and coherent when he was taken into authority. Somehow, he managed to survive a shot to the head, and could talk after. Criminals really do seem to have all the luck.

The status and name of the suspect is unknown at this time. As details are revealed, more information about the status of the looter will likely be listed. We also expect that relief efforts will bring forth more news of attempted robberies, lootings, and violent incidents. It’s a shame that weather can cause people to act in such a way, but we’ve seen it time and time again.

There are around 22 million guns located in Texas alone. You would reason that people should think twice before looting anywhere, especially a home where the homeowner could still be inside.

This all ties into news from Nueces County District Attorney, Mark A. Gonzalez. The attorney stated that there would be mandatory prison or jail time for any individual caught looting, robbing, or committing any similar crime during the hurricane.

The logic the police force is using is that they want to keep the people in their towns safe. Innocent people have to worry about both the natural disaster and the danger from looters in the area. After Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, for example, rioting and looting fast became everyday occurrences, which caused untold damages to stores, homes, and infrastructure. We hope things don’t get that out of hand ever again.

Mr. Gonzalez is encouraging everyone to continue following orders to keep peace in the area. There is no reason to bring added stress and violence to the situation, which could make things worse for everyone involved.

Finally, Gonzalez encourages people to come together in a time like this. People need to support one another, encourage others, and offer to help when possible. As you can imagine, following the law is paramount in situations like this. The goal is to bring these areas back to safety as soon as possible. Doing more duties and cleaning up after hurricane Harvey will be difficult enough without having thieves to worry about.