Lifeless Houston Woman Floats To Cajun Navy Boat, What Happened Next Is Going Viral

Hurricane Harvey has been, without a doubt, one of the most harmful natural disasters to ever befall the United States. Out of all of the heroic rescues we’ve seen so far, one sticks out more than the rest.

Joshua Lincoln, Ricky Berrigan, and Donnie Davenport are all members of a volunteer-only organization titled “Cajun Navy.” The three men were traveling by boat when they discovered a woman floating face down in the middle of a flooded road. During an interview with BreitbartLincoln stated, “The lady must have been crossing in some current.” He continued, “She floated right to the boat. We jumped out and got her and gave her compressions right there in the water. We were holding her from behind.”

The “Cajun Navy” was on the job thanks to a Facebook post by Southeast Louisiana Storm Spotters. They wrote: “Hang on Houston, Assets from The Cajun  Navy are enroute. Houston area Officials have given the Cajun’s the Green Light to come in and assist with SAR efforts.”

It took around 15 chest compressions to resuscitate the women. Lincoln, Berrigan, and Davenport thought the situation could have been beyond their grasp. They managed to save her life with their quick thinking — and even quicker actions.

The woman’s name was Wilma Ellis. According to Lincoln, Ellis woke up in a confused and afraid state. She wasn’t aware of her surroundings.

We don’t yet know how Ellis was injured. The Cajun Navy and others speculate that Ellis was pulled away by a current when the flooding peaked. The incident occurred near a flooded bayou on the north side of Houston.

Lincoln and his colleagues hoped to find an ambulance or a rescue helicopter, so Ellis could receive medical attention. Because there were still so many rescues to conduct, the group was unable to contact someone right away.

Ellis had a medical bracelet on when the Cajun Navy found her. Lincoln took a photo of her medical bracelet and shared it on social media in an attempt to get in touch with Ellis’ friends or family.

The men ended up dropping Ellis off at a gas station near Tidwell Road and Parkway Forest Drive. She was left with a local businessman, who vowed to assist in reuniting Ellis with her family.

Lincoln stated that the situation in Texas was far worse than he imagined and much worse than what the media were showing on television. “This is unbelievable,” he repeated, “It’s horrible.”

Hurricane Harvey has absolutely ravaged Texas and Louisiana. People are coming together as Americans regardless of race, political preference, sex, etc.

The tragedy in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has seen the best of America stepping up to help those in need. Do you believe this natural disaster has helped to heal America’s political divisions?

In times like this, we need unity, as President Trump knows. Trump ventured down to Texas to help the people there, and he also donated one million dollars of his own money to an official relief fund.

As the waters go down, and Texans are able to reclaim their cities, some may not be as blessed and fortunate as Ellis. Regardless, our prayers are with all of them, including the families of the victims of this tragedy.