Libs Silent As Anti-Trump Fanatic Walks Over To GOP House & Commits Horrific Act

On Monday, a Philadelphia GOP Committeeman was shot by an anti-Trump neighbor.

According to CBS Philadelphia, Brooks Jennings, a local Republican politician, engaged in a long-running dispute with his neighbor, Clayton Carter, when the shooting took place. On Monday night, the two were arguing — Carter claimed later that Jennings was shining his vehicle’s lights on him.

After the altercation, Carter allegedly retrieved his handgun from his home, then shot Jennings in the head. Then, Carter allegedly shot him again while standing over him. After hearing the first shot, Jennings’ wife looked out the window and witnessed Carter firing the second shot.

Tom Hogan, the District Attorney stated Jennings and Carter had been in conflict with numerous disputes. He said “This killing leaves a wife without a husband, a little boy without his father, and a community in shock and mourning.”

Carter was known for his hatred of President Donald Trump and his confrontational personality. According to ABC News, he had numerous disputes with his other neighbors. His front yard had a number of hand-made anti-Trump signs. As a matter of fact, the police stated that Carter had pulled a gun on Jennings in a past altercation.

People in the neighborhood describe Carter as an argumentative person. Court records also reveal that he had numerous altercations with multiple neighbors. One could be forgiven for thinking it was only a matter of time before the confrontational and ill-behaved Carter brought one of his many neighborfood feuds to a head. It’s unfortunate that the situation escalated so tersely.

While Carter was virulently anti-Trump, there is no evidence that the shooting was politically motivated. ABC News indicates that his many feuds with his neighbors were not political in nature. One neighbor said, “We steered clear of him. We were frightened of him because he’s so unpredictable.”

So far, the alleged murder of a GOP politician has not been covered by any major news organization. The establishment media has not paid attention to this story. It is possible that the media is not picking up the story because it was not motivated by politics.

However, when there are incidents that involve members of minority groups being harassed or otherwise victimized, the media tend to flock to those stories even before the evidence comes out.

If a minority man is shot by a police officer, many on the left rush to state that the shooting was unjustified. In many cases, these harassment cases turn out to be hoaxes. In the case of police shootings, there are some cases where the officer was justified in using lethal force.

The establishment media has an agenda. They are not just trying to report the news — they are trying to advance a narrative. This is why they will ignore stories similar to the murder of Brooks Jennings while favoring stories that are more sensational.

The fourth estate focuses primarily on incidents that serve to push their narrative. The reality is that they should be reporting on all types of incidents, not just the ones that promote their agenda.