Liberals’ Favorite “DACA Child” Just Got Busted For Her Sickening Crime

Former President’s Barack Obama’s program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is causing controversy around the country. President Trump has eliminated the order and now, as expected, Liberals are furious.

The main poster child for DACA  is a woman named Karen Caudillo. This DREAMer was first put up on the website Guardian where she cried and spoke about how worried she is that she is going back to Mexico. A group called /pol/ revealed that Caudillo illegally voted during the election last year, and gave money to a liberal PAC — which is also illegal — aside from the fact that she is, technically, an illegal immigrant too. 

Caudillo explained during her interview, “I’ve been fighting for so long to be able to sustain myself, to go to school, to be productive.” She cried and continued, “And it just feels like everything is going to waste because I could go back to Mexico.”

It’s hard not to feel sorry for this girl who is speaking of being ripped from the place where she has spent most of her life. However, there are some things that need to be considered.

Even if taking DACA at face value, saying that she is allowed to stay and her illegal status isn’t a problem, she is still committing multiple crimes. Caudillo’s willingness to break the law makes one wonder how she can claim to love this country so much, yet disregard the fundamental laws in the United States.

When the members of /pol/ dug for more information on this DREAMer, no one anticipated that they would find as much information as they did. They made their findings public on their Twitter page for everyone to see.

First, they posted a screenshot that shows Caudillo on a page for registered voters. Her full name is listed on the document as, “Karen P. Caudillo-Roman” of Naples, Florida.

Non-citizens cannot vote in the United States — period. There is no exception to this rule. Someone who feels so strongly about this country should want to enforce the simple rules that are in place.

To make matters worse, /pol/ also discovered through records of the Election Commission database that Caudillo was a donor to a liberal political action committee. Her political affiliation was not much of a surprise to anyone looking into her story.

It needs to also be pointed out that it is illegal for non-citizens to give any money for the purposes of supporting a PAC. The Federal Election Commission makes this perfectly clear. “Foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the US,” per the official FEC website.

The /pol/ screenshots clearly show that Karen Caudillo’s name is on the website as a contributor to the PAC.

Despite the Left’s attempt to try and draw emotions out of people through Caudillo, it is obvious that she has committed multiple crimes while living here. Yet, despite spending most of her life in the US, she hasn’t pursued the process to obtain citizenship that would eliminate her need for DACA privileges.

Looks can be deceiving, and these DREAMers are becoming just another item on the Democrat’s toolbelt.