WATCH: Popular Liberal’s Murderous Past Finally Exposed – The Media Will Never Report This

There are many people throughout history that appear in the media, on t-shirts, and especially on social media. Sometimes, there seems to be an admiration from people for historical figures that they know nothing about.

One such example of this odd behavior centers on Ernesto Che Guevara. The Democrats look up to him, and you can often see middle-class teenagers and even adults wearing shirts with his face on it. They seem to think that Che Guevara is the representation of freedom and rebellion, but very few know his real past, which is quite disturbing. 

The reason people have such admiration for him is that he helped overthrew a terrible government, which sounds good. Until you consider that what he replaced it with was just as bad, if not worse.

According to Telegraph Che didn’t make it a secret that he disliked individual rights. He stated that he wanted “individualism to disappear from the nation.”

Guevara went as far as to say, “It is a criminal act to think of the individuals.” He firmly believed that the rights of people should be stripped and put aside for the “greater good.” Though as you will soon find out, the greater good can be disastrous.

At one point, Fidel Castro put Guevara in charge of overseeing executions where he took part in over 2,000 individual executions. He killed so many people personally that he was given the nickname of “Butcher of La Cabana.”

People that were murdered included spies, personal enemies, and deserters. In other words, you didn’t have to actually commit a crime to get executed. As long as you held a different mindset or wanted more individual rights you could be thrown on the chopping block, so to speak.

If you were thought to be guilty of any of these acts, and more, you would go through a quick “trial” and be executed quickly, in most cases, by the Butcher of La Cabana himself.  The Telegraph goes on to point out that Guevara made no secret of the fact that he loved blood-lust. He once stated, “It is hatred that makes our soldiers into violent and cold-blooded killing machines.”

Obviously, tied into that, he was not a fan of Capitalism, which is ironic considering you can buy a t-shirt with his face on it in mass quantities for ten dollars each. You would think those championing and selling these t-shirts would see the irony in the situation, but it appears to elude them.

After Guevara failed in his positions in Cuba, he fled to Bolivia to try and spark a revolution there. Instead, he was turned over to the army and executed in October of 1967. He was buried in an unmarked grave without even the dignity of a casket. A fitting end to the Butcher of La Cabana.

The lesson here is simple. There is more to the figures in history that people seem to glorify on a regular basis. People are supporting a figure who quite frankly, was a heartless murderer; a genocidal megalomaniac. Hopefully, before they buy their next Guevara shirt they stop and think, “Gee, I wonder what else he did in history.”