Liberals Go Into Full Meltdown Mode After Golf Digest Ranks Trump #1 on List of Presidential Golfers

Everyone has an opinion about former President Donald Trump. Some think he was a great leader. Others believe the opposite.

No matter what you think about the former president, there’s one fact about him that can no longer be denied — Trump is a great golfer.

Golf Digest confirmed as much on Sunday when the outlet tweeted out a list of the top presidential golfers ranked by handicap.

The list ranked Trump as number one among all U.S. presidents.

The outlet gave Trump a handicap of 2.8, which is absolutely terrific.

According to Sunday Golf, the average handicap for a male golfer is 16 and for a female golfer is 28.

Furthermore, according to Golf Educate, having a 3 handicap or under places one “in the top echelons of golfers worldwide” and, among amateurs, marks someone as “a player of commensurate skill in the game.”

Predictably, leftists took to Twitter in outrage over the ranking.

“You’ve got a rogue decimal point in Orange Man’s handicap,” golfer Tony Johnstone wrote.

“So Trump cheats on the course too,” another Twitter user commented.

According to sports writer Rick Reilly, Golf Digest got many of the former presidents’ scores wrong.

“Wrong on Trump (10 at best). Wrong on Biden (no chance). Wrong on Nixon (a 15 at best and only took the game up to suck up to Ike), wrong on Taft (way worse) and wrong on FDR (won many REAL amateur events b4 polio),” Reilly wrote.

Regardless, it’s clear that Trump is an above-average golfer.

Some leftists just can’t handle the truth, especially when the truth reveals Trump to be excellent at something.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.