Liberal Gets Offended By a Sweater – Veteran’s Response Shuts Her Down

The far-left in America has fetishized disability, weakness, and victimhood. One American veteran had enough of this and decided to mock the left’s insanity.

After a Twitter user named @mattesonquint complained to Target for making a Christmas sweater that claims mocked her OCD, veteran Derek Weida used his Instagram account to provide some much needed perspective.

Weida’s response was perfect: the 29-year-old, who lost one of his legs while serving in Iraq with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, sits in mock anger next to a Christmas sweater featuring a gingerbread man with a detached leg.

This social media spat is a near perfect summation of the current divided between Left and Right in America. On the one side, people who complain and feel victimized are treated like heroes in an unjust world. On the other, those who rise above challenges are congratulated for persevering in a tough world.

If America wants to be great, then we should support people like Weida.

The problem underlying all of this is more widespread and noxious than most conservatives want to admit. As much as many of these far-Left SJWs represent a very small minority of America, they are supported by many of those who control power in United States.

Take for instance the American pharmaceutical industry. One in six Americans are currently on anti-depressants. A majority of those prescribed are white Americans. The fastest growing demographic of SSRI users are American college students, who have helped prescription rates to double in just a few years.

While plenty of Americans need to be on these prescriptions, the problem with over-prescribing medication is a well documented phenomenon that has done egregious harm to our youth. Young males have been especially harmed by this, for behaviors that were once considered normal are now cause for concern.

The other issue here is that boys are expected to act like girls in the classroom, which leads back to unnecessary disciplinary action and prescriptions for antidepressants and other drugs.

A strong society supports those who support themselves and who do not give in to the victim mindset. Are you tired of the victim mindset?

Another issue at work here is the problem with victim culture. America’s universities have filled their hallowed halls with completely useless majors, all of which are intended to make sexual and racial minorities feel aggrieved by their opposed oppression in America. All of this is meant to stir up racial animosity that seeks help from the state, preferably a state run and operated by Democrats.

British psychologist and author Theodore Dalrymple has categorized such victimhood worship as one of the ways that keeps poor people poor. The desire to always feel targeted, to always be the victim of circumstances, often keeps people from realizing that the only person holding them back are themselves.

A strong, healthy society does not fetishize or seek to normalize mental illness. A strong society does not congratulate those who complain the loudest. A strong society supports those who support themselves and who do not give in to the victim mindset. This is the culture war that the Right must win if America is to survive as something worthwhile.