WATCH: Liberals “Dig For Dirt” On Trump – Here’s What They Found:

The disdain shown by the Left toward President Trump is at an all-time high. They cannot stand the President of the United States and have yet to explain exactly why they are so troubled by the thought of Trump representing the nation.

According to Politico, a bunch of “amateur sleuths” are now hunting through pages of Trump’s past trying to find the one bombshell that could get him impeached. Up to this point, these people have spent tens of thousand of dollars and countless hours, all in the hopes discrediting the President. So far, they have found absolutely nothing. 

One of the most extreme hunters is named Geoff Andersen. He lives in San Fransisco, is self-employed, and has been working since November to discredit President Trump.

Believe it or not, Andersen has spent upwards of $45,000 that he put aside for savings, in addition to the money that was donated to him by family and friends. The icing on the cake is that he has been doing this seven days a week, for about 16 hours a day since Trump’s election.

Andersen has managed to put together a mailing list in a little less than a year, but only 50 people signed up. He reveals the “important information” he finds while scouring old newspaper articles, researching books, and even looking at court and real estate records signed by Trump.

Despite all of his weekly newsletters, they are still just full of theories and no actual facts. Since he is devoting so much time to this project, it seems as though it would be easy to find one piece of evidence damning Trump, but alas, he has come up with nothing.

One would think that this whole mission would be counter-productive, especially considering Robert Mueller is heading a special counsel with the goal of “investigating” Trump.

If someone has access to every bit of intelligence information out there about the President, and still can’t find a reason to condemn him, how is a private hobbyist investigator at the library going to dig up any dirt? Their obvious actions demonstrate that they are all on a witch hunt looking for something that simply doesn’t exist. If it did, it wouldn’t be this difficult to find such a thing.

The chief of the American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow, appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom to relay his feelings on the amateurs’ hunt for information. Sekulow admitted that he believes their efforts are likely just a waste of time.

“I’m not saying no one can legitimately provide some information,” Sekulow explained. “If the special counsel can’t find it, there’s no way these sleuths are going to be able to find it either.”

Tens of thousand of dollars and countless hours have been spent trying to dig up dirt on President Trump – to no avail. Are you sick of hearing about it?  

President Trump has been well documented in the public eye since he first started his business, Sekulow pointed out. There is nothing to hide because it is all public knowledge.

In the end, there will always be people who swear that there is some hidden bombshell that will damn Trump forever. These people will be looking for this information well into President Trump’s four–or, potentially eight–years in office to no avail.