ALERT: Liberals Destroy Famous Statue, This Is Heartbreaking

In response to Charlottesville, the alt-Left has been targeting historical statues for removal and vandalism all across the US. Although the initial fervor was for Confederate monuments, the movement now attacks all statues–deeming all of America’s history, culture, and heritage to be “racist” in some way.

An act of destruction has left residents of the Longview, Texas community deeply unsettled. As reported by the Longview News-Journal, vandals knocked down a statue representing armed service members, which guarded the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier monument at Veterans Plaza.

Air Force veteran David Applewhite of Gladewater, who works with the Veterans Recognition Foundation, was one of the first to discover the toppled statue at Longview’s Teague Park. He issued a statement informing the community about the act of vandalism.

“One of the statues guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier monument has been pushed over by vandals at the Veterans Plaza in Longview. Was not young children who did this.” A photograph of the scene seemed to support Applewhite’s statement.

The statue’s feet were broken, causing it to fall over. Children would likely not have had the physical strength to destroy the stone or push it over. This led city residents to suspect that it was the work of politically-motivated vandals.

The Veterans Plaza was officially opened in November, 2015. It features permanent markers for each American war since World War I. The fallen statue is not of the Unknown Soldier himself, but rather represents all members of the Armed Services and their sacrifices for this country.

As reported in Texas Hill Country, many people in the community have expressed their anger at the assault on a beloved city monument. A number of voices have called for severe punishment for the vandals. However, the culprits are yet to be found.

Statues have been vandalized throughout the nation as alt-Left protesters fight against what they consider to be a “racist” legacy in America. In some cases, local government is responding by relocating controversial statues.

One of the most prominent objects of contention is the statue of Robert E. Lee in Durham, North Carolina. As reported by The Hill, hundreds of protesters gathered around the monument, calling for it to be taken down. A number of protesters have physically attacked the Lee monument, prompting their arrest.

As Christian News Alerts reports, several of the protesters at Durham are members of a radical communist group known as the World Workers’ Party. This group openly praises dictatorial world figures like Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro. These left-leaning activists despise America, its history, and culture.



Although the original goal of alt-Left protesters was to remove Confederate statues because of the association between the Confederacy and slavery, they now seek to take down all American historical monuments–as President Trump predicted.

A statue honoring service members, a Christopher Columbus statue, and a California priest statue have all been vandalized. Is the statue violence becoming random?

The Baltimore Sun observes that a Christopher Columbus statue has now been vandalized. Catholic News Agency reports the defacement of a monument to a famous California priest. And, as Breitbart notes, the Jefferson Memorial will soon be changed to reflect the founding father’s history as a slave owner.

The alt-Left is seemingly on a mission to rewrite history in a way that transforms America from a revered nation to one that is to be held in contempt.