JUST IN: Liberals Launch Nasty Attack Against Sarah Huckabee. What’s Your Response?

Being a White House press secretary for the Trump administration is hard work, especially considering the nasty attacks the liberal press throw your way. Despite claiming to be for women’s rights and diversity, the liberal media has no problem going after women if they disagree with their viewpoints.

Some liberals, however, seem to have no sense of decency whatsoever. Last Friday, The Daily Beast and GQ Magazine Culture Writer, Ira Madison III, attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Twitter, saying “butch queen first time in drags at the ball.” (via Newsbusters)

What better way to show your “supposed” respect for women than to suggest that Sanders looks like a gay man dressed up in drag. Although he quickly deleted his tweet, that did not stop the righteous firestorm of conservative voices on Twitter.

“So sexist and misogynistic comments are acceptable as long as they’re aimed at Conservative women. Thanks for clarifying those rules,” said one Twitter commenter. (via Daily Mail)

Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, said the tweet was outright disgusting: “Since The Daily Beast says it values ‘an inclusive culture, committed to the public good,’ I assume this is the last time Ira Madison III will be writing for them,” he told Fox News. “It goes to a larger point. Liberals get away with personal attacks that would ruin the careers of people on the right. This is demented, but watch how little attention it gets from the national press.” (via Daily Mail)

He apologized for his remarks after the backlash, saying, “Apologies to Sarah H. Sanders for the ill-judged joke tweeted Fri, deleted this AM. I didn’t mean to offend anyone & I’m sorry that I did!” (via Twitter)

This isn’t the first time Madison has made revolting comments. Earlier this year, he accused Jeff Sessions of using an Asian-American girl as a “prop.” The little girl happened to be Sessions’ granddaughter who was sitting alongside him for support.

“Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys ‘R’ Us you stole her from. Why is she a prop?” He deleted this tweet as well. (via Washington Times)

Madison has a habit of making tasteless comments about conservatives. Should he be let go?

It still begs the question, how on earth did this person think a comment like that was an appropriate joke? How does Madison manage to still be employed after making statements like this?

Dan Gainor brought up a valid point; there is remarkable hypocrisy when it comes to the kinds of comments leftists can get away with as opposed to conservatives. Had a conservative made such a comment about a woman, or a liberal woman, they would have faced backlash from both liberals and conservatives for the tasteless remarks.

Unfortunately, there is a double standard in politics.

What’s your response to this attack? Should the Daily Beast and GQ Magazine fire Madison? If not, should there be any repercussions other than a slap on the wrist?