BREAKING: Liberal Rioters Attack Police In Major U.S. City

As much as the mainstream media might not want to admit it, Antifa is a hate-filled organization that threatens American peace. Yesterday in Boston, they showed their colors — yet again.

While free speech demonstrators held a permitted rally in Boston Common, between 20 and 40,000 counter-demonstrators marched in defiance of the free speech rally, according to Blue Lives Matter. After the original rally ended early, Antifa and other groups got into street battles with the Boston Police Department.

Boston Police Commissioner, William Evans, later told the media that some of his officers were hit with bottles of urine and other objects that were undoubtedly lobbed by Antifa.

In total, only twenty-seven people were arrested after the counter-protests grew more violent. The Boston Police, the media, and even President Donald Trump’s comments have played a role in motivating people at the free speech rally in Boston, most of which have helped Antifa’s cause.

Commissioner Evans told reporters that “99.9% of the people were here for the right reason, and that was to fight ‘bigotry and hate.'” President Trump similarly applauded those protesters who spoke out against “bigotry and hate.”

Those focus on “bigotry and hate” was the direct result of a week of mainstream media lies. Both nominally conservative and liberal outlets tried to make the free speech rally into something resembling Charlottesville, especially in regards to the free speech speakers.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a Democrat, more or less made a riot atmosphere possible when he went on TV and made sweeping assumptions about hate and bigotry. These lies were repeated until they whipped up anger and violence from far-Left groups.

As footage from the actual free speech rally shows, the speakers, including Republican candidate for Senate Shiva Ayyadurai, called for unity, peace, and for an engagement of ideas. And yet, the media is still portraying this event as if it were an event centered around shouting down Nazis.

After the original rally in Boston ended, Antifa and other groups got into street battles with the Boston Police Department. Did you see much media coverage of the ANTIFA group and their activities?

As for Antifa, they have been treated with kid gloves. Only Fox News had the nerve to show a masked Antifa member stealing an American flag and assaulting an older woman. The mainstream media has also tried to underplay some of the disgusting signs that appeared in the hands of counter-demonstrators, including “White People Suck.” The media is also once again underreporting the far-Left threats of violence against Trump supporters and others, including the theft of MAGA hats and calls for the police to let the free speech protesters walk unescorted.

All of this is shocking if you do not know Antifa’s history. The organization has its roots in 1932 Germany. The Left has tried to play up Antifa as if they were the modern-day equivalent of the early street warriors who fought against the National Socialists, but the truth is that Antifa was the street army of Germany’s Communist party. Antifa fights America’s fake fascist epidemic in order to install deadly communism.

If the media paid slightly closer attention, they would see that Antifa and other allied groups wave the hammer and sickle flag far more than any right-wing rally waves the swastika.