ALERT: Liberal Professor Makes Horrifying Demand. It’ll Make Your Blood Run Cold.

Liberals discontented with losing the war of ideas have undertaken a widespread campaign in academia to redefine key concepts such as racism and sexism. As incredible as their attempts are, some are gaining traction on the Left.

California State University-Los Angeles professor Mohammad Abed is hoping to change the definition of genocide. In his recent paper, “The Concept of Genocide Reconsidered,” Abed argues that “[g]enocide is not in any sense distinctively heinous. Nor is it necessarily immoral.” While Abed is not actually endorsing mass murder, he is endorsing cultural conquest, where a people’s way of life is destroyed and replaced with what he decides is a more “humane” culture.

This is a striking display of what Thomas Sowell described as “verbal virtuosity.” This is where rhetorical tricks are presented, instead of reason or evidence, to advance a view aligned with the liberal elite’s conception of reality.

In this case, Professor Abed is attempting to change the definition of genocide so that it includes the deliberate attempt to stamp out cultural practices, which does not always involve mass murder.

Abed admits that killing is intrinsically tied to genocide. Indeed, Polish legal theorist Raphael Lemkin, who coined the word after World War II, derived the term from the “Greek word genos (race, tribe) and the Latin cide (killing).” Despite the origin, Abed maintains that genocide does not necessarily include murder.

As an example, Abed points to the destruction of the Southern slave culture at the hands of the North during the American Civil War. “Eliminating the institution of slavery in the American South – which entailed the liquidation of a comprehensive way of life passed down from one slave-owning generation to the next – was certainly a moral and political imperative.”

While few would argue against combating slavery, and especially as a moral imperative, this act of verbal virtuosity changes the definition of racism, and is a dangerous attempt to normalize calls for genocide and the destruction of conservative culture.

Abed is a liberal elitist arguing that the Left has a moral imperative to strip people of self-governance and force a new culture upon them. Abed is embracing “genocide” as a means to force everyone to embrace liberal ideas. Even if this isn’t an explicit apology for totalitarianism, that’s where it leads automatically.

The liberal elite have been attempting to control language for decades. They are changing the definition of terms such as racism and sexism to include the concept of ‘power plus prejudice.’ In this way of thinking, all white people are automatically considered “racist” because white people are supposedly the most powerful group in American society. As a result, all white people are inherently racist, while racial minorities–no matter how prejudiced–could never be considered racist.

Now, Abed is piling on to the redefinition of terms in an attempt to cast genocide as a moral imperative. Abed set the stage so that, by definition, the destruction of the racist slave culture of Southern America in the 1840s was a moral good.

Combined, the liberal redefinition of these words have labeled all white people racist, while also labeling the annihilation of racists a morally sound act of genocide.

The logical consequence of this liberal double-think is to call for the complete genocide of the white race to stomp out racism.

If anyone thinks that progressives won’t eventually get to the point of attempting wipe out the white race, they would do well to understand that Adolf Hitler was a progressive.