BREAKING: Liberal Judge Issues Despicable Ruling In Texas – This Is Horrifying

There is often a serious divide between the rulings of a Liberal judge and the rulings of a Conservative judge. One judge in Texas has made a huge decision that is going to impact women and children.

More specifically, it is going to impact unborn children. According to Life News, a law has been blocked by a U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel that prevented women from getting dismemberment abortions. This type of abortion is just as gruesome as it sounds, it is performed by dismembering the formed baby. It allows women to get abortions in their second trimester, well after the baby is fully developed.

The bill, Texas Senate Bill 8, was blocked just one day before it would have gone into effect. Now, Yeakel set up a 14 day-temporary block on the bill until another hearing can take place on September 14th.

Ultimately, Yeakel would like to get the bill shot down indefinitely. The judge cites his reason for blocking the bill is that it creates a danger for the woman.

In his statement, Yeakel said, “The act leaves that woman and her physician with abortion procedures that are more complex, risky, expensive, difficult for many women to arrange, and often involve multi-day visits to physicians, and overnight hospital stays.”

A pro-life group called Texas Right to Life showed their disdain for the blocking of the bill. They expressed disgust comes from the idea that allowing this kind of abortion to take place is inviting the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent children who will not be given a chance.

“…this is the first step in a longer and consequential legal battle over this dynamic and historic legislation,” Texas Right to Life stated.

They claim that the bill was written at the same time as the partial-birth abortion ban. This ban was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court back in 2007.

The political leaders in Texas have expressed their concern for the ban and potential destruction of the bill. They have stated explicitly that they will take the fight to the Supreme Court if needed.  As previously mentioned, this would not be the first time an anti-abortion bill was held up by the Supreme Court.

Lawyers are arguing that the bill was written specifically to stop the dismemberment of unborn babies who are very much alive. At this point, their hearts are beating, which is even more of a reason to uphold the rights of these children — as if they needed another reason.

The leaders of Texas Right to Life went to the hearing and pointed out that, “The abortion industry disingenuously argued in court that the Dismemberment Abortion Ban raises an undue burden to women seeking second trimester abortions by banning all D&E abortions.”

Overall, the law was widely supported and proudly signed Gov. Greg Abbott last June. This made Texas the eighth state to pass laws against dismemberment abortion. Hopefully, the hearing on the 14th of this month will shed some light as to whether this is going to be the law, or if a trip to the Supreme Court is going to be necessary to save the lives of the unborn in Texas.