Lib Media Hiding This Dark Secret About Woman Who Toppled Confederate Monument

In light of recent events, Confederate monuments have become a fashionable target to deface and destroy. As liberals across the nation set the dangerous precedent of removing aspects of our history that they don’t agree with, we would do well to look more deeply into the backgrounds of those perpetrating these acts.

One woman who helped topple a Confederate monument in North Carolina is getting plenty of media attention and praise. However, the liberal media doesn’t seem so keen to report one sinister aspect of this woman’s connections – that the group she represents is a Marxist, pro-North Korea, anti-American radical organization that often uses violence and crime to get its way, according to the Independent Journal Review.

Takiyah Thompson, a student at North Carolina Central University, was arrested Tuesday after a press conference in which she defended the destruction of a Confederate statue and compared police officers to Confederate soldiers and Ku Klux Klan members.

“I did the right thing. Everyone who was there – the people did the right thing. The people will continue to keep making the right choices until every Confederate statue is gone, until white supremacy is gone,” Thompson said. “That statue is where it belongs. It needs to be in the garbage.”

Aside from the obvious issue–that figures in Confederate history do not represent white supremacy (many Union figures in the Civil War had slaves as well, a fact that Thompson might do well to learn)–the liberal media has jumped on the opportunity to hail her actions as heroic. The Huffington Post wrote a headline that read; “Takiyah Thompson, Hailed as ‘Hero,’ Showered With Support For Toppling Confederate Statue.”

However, it seems the liberal media isn’t willing to report the darker truth behind this story: Thompson is a member of the Worker’s World Party (WWP), a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist group started in 1959 as an extremist offshoot of the more moderate Socialist Workers Party. In addition to defending Communism, they also support Kim Jong-un’s nuclear threats against alleged “US imperialism.”

In a recent blog post, the WWP wrote that, “This is the first rope of many to pull down the pillars holding up white supremacy and Capitalism. The powers that be will crumble under the power of organized people! Down with all statues of the Confederacy! Down with white supremacy!”

If people are so genuine in their quest for a communist society, many who are happy with the freedom America offers suggest they move to Venezuela, Cuba, or North Korea. Ironically, proponents of this flawed ideology never seem interested in finding out firsthand what it’s like to live in these failed collectivist states.

In fact, one noted conservative scholar believes the best medicine for these sympathizers would be a personal experience in the reality of Communism. In a humorous reminiscence of his past, the legendary conservative economist Thomas Sowell recounted that he was a Marxist in his youth. What changed his mind? He got a job working for the government and realized just how inefficient it was.

Regardless, it goes to show you just how one-sided the mainstream media is in their coverage of the truth–something that shouldn’t surprise anybody by now.

Even worse is that these radical left-wing sympathizers feel they are morally superior to those with whom they disagree and that they have a right to do whatever it takes to champion their causes–including using violence and criminal activity to achieve their goals.

The unfortunate events at Charlottesville have created a powder keg of political pressure that is building up behind the scenes. How this all ends is anybody’s guess, but we can hope that this madness will die on its own.