Liberal “Charity” Issues Nasty Message to Hurricane Victims

When disaster strikes, like the flooding in Houston, Texas, it brings out the best in people as everyone comes together to help. Unfortunately, it can sometimes bring out the worst.

This was the case when the nonprofit organization Charitable Humans responded to requests to help aid the victims of Hurricane Harvey. According to Breitbart, in several now-deleted tweets, they not only refused to help because the state is largely Republican but wished further ill will: “Any state that elects a Republican needs to be incinerated, there have to be severe consequences.”

According to the company’s Linkedin profile, they are a charitable, non-profit organization that seeks to change “the world for the betterment of all living beings on planet Earth. Charitable Humans is an organization that depends upon the kindness of humans and cutting-edge technology to implement innovative solutions to the world’s most dire problems.”

It’s therefore incredibly surprising that the company would fire off a series of cold-hearted tweets regarding the tragedy in Houston.

Shortly after catastrophic flooding hit the city on Saturday, a number of charities began coming forth to provide aid, according to an article on NPR. Charitable Humans however made it very clear they had no intention of providing assistance: “I just can’t bring myself to even consider providing aid to any red state, let them clean up their own mess.”

The tweets claimed they didn’t want to “offend” Texans by providing help: “Why? They have God and the Republican Party to help them. Red states hate handouts, let’s not offend them.”

Another tweet called the victims seeking to escape the floods “sociopaths” who didn’t deserve help: “It’s not wise to be generous to sociopaths that will never return it in-kind. Red states screwed themselves.”

The backlash against these cruel tweets was so immense the organization swiftly removed not only the tweets, but deleted both their Twitter and Facebook accounts. The organization later released a lengthy apology on their website, citing one individual as the source of the hate-filled rhetoric.

The statement read: “There are no words to express the distaste and hateful words that our Social Media Coordinator unleashed on what was supposed to represent Charitable Humans…We don’t condone the denouncement or imperilment of any human, individual or group.”

They cited the facts they’re a small organization with many members out of the country, and being distracted by a larger project as the reasons they failed to notice or control the hateful tweets.

They finished by wishing rescue teams and victims of the flood good luck as they deal with the horrific tragedy: “Hopefully, the response teams, professional service providers, and infrastructure that will be critical to the relief efforts will deploy with utter urgency and sufficient levels to get people the support they need.”

A nonprofit organization called Charitable Humans said in several now-deleted tweets that they refused to help Texas because the state is largely Republican. Should they lose any nonprofit status they may have?

Later they issued an update, voicing their irritation with people judging the organization for the actions of one man: “It’s rather ironic that, in the same irrational generalization that denounced an entire sect of people, rightly offending a great many, the response by many has been to also measure the sum totality of our organization by its tweets.”

Whatever the circumstances behind the inappropriate tweets, the organization no doubt has a rough road ahead building credibility and reestablishing its reputation. Hopefully the individual behind the hateful comments will be held accountable by the organization.