JUST IN: Jay Leno Risks His Career to Expose TRUTH About Trump

Here is a shocker for you: comedian Jay Leno thinks there is too much Trump bashing on late-night talk shows.

In an interview with Page Six, the comedian stated that if he were still hosting The Tonight Show, he would make jokes that mock President Trump, but not as much as the rest of the late-night hosts. Leno — who is not a Trump supporter — stated, “If [mocking the president] is a constant thing on a nightly basis, eventually you’re all doing the same joke.”

It seems that members of the entertainment media, including late-night talk show hosts, are almost obligated to attack the president. Every night on all the shows, comedians are going after the Trump administration. It is no surprise that Leno feels that everyone will be “doing the same joke” if this pattern persists.

None stand out more than Stephen Colbert, who was investigated by the FCC because of a profanity-laced rant against the president. He regularly uses his platform to criticize Trump.

It is also interesting to note the backlash against The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon because of his failure to go after Trump during his appearance on the show. When Fallon interviewed Trump last year, there were no “gotcha” questions or criticism. He treated Trump as a human, even tousling his hair for fun.

Fallon’s interview with President Trump was met with scathing criticism. Prominent individuals on the left attacked the talk show host for his approach to the interview. The criticism became so intense that Fallon expressed his regret over the interview. In an interview, Fallon discussed his critics, “They have a right to be mad.” He also said, “If I let anyone down, it hurt my feelings that they didn’t like it. I got it.”

However, the attacks did not make him change the way he runs his show. According to The New York Times:

“As strongly as ever, Mr. Fallon believes it should be a place for a wide swath of viewers to get their entertainment and laughs, and that this philosophy will steer it through a period of intense polarization.”

He also stated that he would not bullied into not being himself and “not doing what I think is funny.”

It remains to be seen how long late-night talks shows and other forms of entertainment media can continue to be profitable by fixating most of the humor on the president. It is definitely possible that our political atmosphere is tense enough to ensure that these comedians will continue to be successful by attacking Trump.

However, it is also possible that Jimmy Fallon’s approach will be more effective in the long run. Eventually, people may grow weary of the constant stream of jokes about President Trump. There is evidence to support this theory. In February, The Washington Examiner reported on the results of a poll stating that Saturday Night Live viewers wished to see less material about the president.

Jay Leno is right: Americans are tired of seeing our president disrespected by far-left Hollywood elites. If late night comedians continue being a one-trick pony, Americans are going to make their voices heard in the only way that counts — by changing the channel.