ALERT: The Left May Hate Statues, But They Hate These 5 Photos Even More

The Democrats have made it their personal goal to make anyone who supports President Trump, or even dares to say they are a conservative, a fool. In spite of their attempts, they have managed to forget about some pretty serious photographic evidence that goes against everything they say.

One of the greatest battles the Left says they are fighting is the battle against is racism. All the while, they seem to fail to realize that some of the top Democrat officials attended KKK leader Robert Byrd’s funeral, as shown in The Federalist Papers. In fact, that is disturbingly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to showing how little top Democrats actually care about racism.

Sean Hannity from Fox News pointed out that Bill Clinton’s mentor, Sen. J. William Fulbright (D-AR), and Sen. Al Gore ,Sr. (D-TN), both fiercely opposed desegregation. That does not sound like an opinion that two Democrats would hold.

Alas, Fulbright had no qualms about signing the “Southern Manifesto,” which openly opposed the decision of the Supreme Court to desegregate schools. In this instance, you have a Democrat opposing one of the most important civil rights cases in our country, Brown v. Board of Education.

There is also Gore, Sr. who voted against the Civil Rights Act. You would think that the Democrats would condemn these people in the same sense that they want Trump to condemn white supremacists.

The only difference is Trump actually spoke out against white supremacists. That is very telling; the Democrats do not care about moral objectivity, so long as one claims to believe in the same things that they do.

When it comes to the funeral of Robert Byrd, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a heartfelt memorial speech for him after his passing. It appears as if Clinton was more interested in lauding her mentor than the truth about his checkered past.

Hannity raised more eye-opening points during his talk about the “hush-hush” racist side to the Democrats. His next point dealt with “offensive” statues that people like Nancy Pelosi want to get rid of–all “racist” statues, according to The New York Times.

There are currently busts of Robert Byrd in Charleston’s State House and dotted throughout the Appalachian Highway System. Why has there not been a massive call to remove these statues from a modern time?

Hannity mentioned that Democrats are likely just using racism as a “wedge issue” to pull voters to their side. There is no other excuse to suddenly oppose monuments that have been on display for years.

It is hardly the case that everyone woke up one day and deemed these statues offensive. It is more likely politically motivated faux rage. The likely answer is they are seeking to garner reactions from people who simply don’t know any better–regardless of race.

As time goes on, the pictures of these Democrats standing with racism champions are making their rounds and people are opening their eyes. The Democrat Party has shown that they are only in it for themselves, and it is a sad sight to behold.