Just In: Leaker Found At FBI, Let The Arrests Begin…

The leaks have been pouring out of the White House on a daily basis and liberals have been celebrating.

Yet their victory cheers may be soon cut short, as headway is being made in discovering some of the sources for the leaks. FBI General Counsel James Baker is allegedly being investigated for his connections to classified national security intel leaked to the media. (via Newsmax)

The allegations come from “multiple government officials close to the probe” who say James Baker is under investigation by the FBI for his involvement. James Baker is a close friend to former FBI director James Comey, and is said to have assisted him with legal matters after a number of meetings Comey had with the president in secret. If true, Comey’s firing could certainly provide motive for Baker to leak information to the media. (via Newsmax)

While the FBI will not confirm or deny the investigation, and the specifics of the classified national security information have not been released, if found guilty it would lead to very serious criminal charges and likely open up investigations into the Bureau.

The leaking of classified information to the press has been a huge problem for President Trump since he took office. According to a report released by Senator Ron Johnson of Homeland Security and Chairman of Governmental Affairs, the leaks are happening on a daily basis.

According to the report, the moles within Washington are seemingly leaking whatever they can get away with that will potentially help the liberal resistance to Trump. Sen. Ron Johnson said in a staff report, “The leak frenzy has gone far beyond the Kremlin and has extended to other sensitive information that could harm national security. President Trump’s private conversations with other foreign leaders have shown up in the press, while secret operations targeting America’s most deadly adversaries were exposed in detail.” (via Politico)

It seems the leakers have branched out from exposing potential collusion between Trump and Russia to simply releasing whatever they believe might handicap the president and his administration in doing their job properly. The leaks have had devastating effects.

National Security Advisor Mike Flynn resigned after leaks exposed sensitive information concerning him, the new communications director Anthony Scaramucci threatened to pursue felony charges for a leak exposing his personal financial information, and one leak even put the U.S. and the U.K. at odds, according to the report by Johnson.

“One leak, about the investigation of a terrorist attack, caused a diplomatic incident between the United States and a close ally.” (via Politico)

Leaks are happening every day at the White House. Do you think the leaks are harming national security?

If it turns out that Baker was, in fact, leaking classified information to the press, it could have huge implications to our national security. According to the FBI website, Baker used to work for the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review. Working there he “developed, coordinated, and implemented national security policy with regard to intelligence and counterintelligence matters.” (via FBI.gov)

It’s possible his role there put him in a great position to leak information to the media.

Though liberals may believe the leakers are doing a great service to de-legitimize President Trump, these efforts are eroding the security of the U.S. and exposing us to incredible risks. Hopefully with investigations underway, the leaks will come to a stop and the sources will be jailed.