BREAKING: Leak Exposes MASSIVE Voter Fraud Scheme in 47 States

When President Trump ran for the White House in 2016, he claimed that voter fraud was a widespread issue across America. Clinton and her supporters mocked Trump for his claims, saying he was paranoid and grasping at straws.

The Heritage Foundation has updated their Voter Fraud Database and found there are hundreds of instances of voter fraud in 47 states, yet liberals are insisting there isn’t anything going on. (via The Daily Signal)

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative organization that advises on policies and conducts its own research into political issues. Previously, they advised President Trump on his list of Supreme Court nominees in and led the effort to repeal Obamacare in 2010. Sean Hannity, conservative radio talk show host and host of Hannity on Fox News, said about the organization, “No organization on Earth is a better supplier of innovative conservative ideas grounded in founding principles than Heritage.”

Among other ongoing research is their current investigation into instances of voter fraud in the U.S. They created the Voter Fraud Database as way of cataloging all cases and criminal convictions of voter fraud they found, and the results are shocking.

The database at the time of this article contains 581 proven cases of voter fraud and there are 848 criminal convictions across 47 states. Among the recent additions are instances of a non-citizen becoming elected to a position for city council in Connecticut, two men in Nebraska voting twice in the presidential election, a mayor in Florida incentivizing absentees to vote for him, and an illegal immigrant in Alaska taking on a fake identity, claiming citizenship, and successfully registering to vote.

Despite the rising evidence of voter fraud, liberals are still claiming there’s not a problem. Even as they make claims of Russians “hacking” the election and Trump’s electoral win being a fraud, they maintain that voter fraud stateside is a rare occurrence — if it even exists at all.

To make it worse, many liberals’ refusal to acknowledge the problem is preventing policies and measures from being put into place to prevent voter fraud. When Republicans attempt to pass policies, such as requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, they are shot down by liberals claiming they’re suppressing voters.

The insistence upon turning a blind eye to voter fraud is opening the flood gates for voter fraud to occur. Some illegal immigrants are falsifying citizenship to vote, votes are being cast twice, and the deceased are casting votes in presidential elections. Voter fraud has been apparent in local and presidential elections.

Even if instances of voter fraud were rare — which it’s becoming apparent they’re not — wouldn’t it be in everyone’s best interest to eliminate it? If your house was broken into only once last year, would you say “well, it’s a rare occurrence, so I won’t worry about it,” or would you put new locks on the door?

The resistance of liberals to acknowledge the problem of voter fraud is becoming increasingly problematic. Why are they refusing to take care of the growing problem? Could it be that they don’t see illegal immigrants voting as actual fraud? Considering the left’s efforts to extend exorbitant welfare benefits, it’s possible. Is it because they are indirectly benefiting from all the illegally-cast votes?

Or is it possible that Democrats are behind some of the vote rigging to put their party’s members into office regardless of the public’s wishes? Bernie Sanders’ supporters might know the answer to this question.