WATCH: Louisiana Man Stopped Flood Waters… With More Water. It’s Brilliant.

The flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has caused massive damage throughout the states of Texas and Lousiana. One man from Lousiana came up with an idea so ingenious that his neighbors are considering it for future flooding.

When push came to shove, Stafford Barnett came up with a plan to help save his home last year during horrific flooding. Now, the weather from Harvey has many people running for the hills, but not Barnett. He installed a makeshift dam around his home that he paid 850 dollars for, according to Fox News. The “dam” is made of vinyl piping that is full of water and connected to small pumps.

It started last summer when Barnett’s brother-in-law came up with the idea of putting a dam around his house. After much consideration, they decided to put their plan into action.

Barnett admitted that he was unsure whether or not the dam would work, but “Desperate times call for innovation,” Barnett said. The job of the dam was to minimize the water damage as much as possible.

Barnett’s home was flooded last summer by a mere inch of water that devastated his home and left his family displaces for six months. The damage was a massive $200,000 and, luckily, he had flood insurance to cover it.

Now that his dam has proven successful, he is working with neighbors to try and get them on the same page.  The goal is to help protect as many homes as possible and protect as many people from the horrific conditions of this flood.

WKRG reports that the hose is 500 foot long and holds 5,000 gallons of water. In effect, Barnett saved his home from water by using a ton of water. This is something that had neighbors laughing at him at first until they were able to see what the hose barrier could do when the flood waters came.

Barnett explained the process he and all home owners have to go through after a flood. He warned that people should try first to eliminate any mold that comes into the air from the water.

He went on to explain that exposure to the water should be limited. No one should put themselves in a position to get injured trying to clean out their home.

During his interview, Barnett also spoke about blessings. Too many people do not spend enough time counting their blessing, particularly in moments like this.

“And every day, count your blessings because if you don’t, you can go crazy doing this stuff. Take care of your mental health, accept help from others. People are going to offer it–take it, and be kind,” Barnett said.

This is the kind of effort needed in communities every day, particularly in a time of disasters. People are coming together with one common goal: rebuilding and helping others do the same.