ALERT: Kim Jong-un Feels Safe In His Bunker, So South Korea Issues This Warning

It would appear that Kim Jong-un feels powerful enough to make hostile threats to surrounding nations without fear of the consequences.

Yet South Korea’s recent successful test of a new weapon should put fear back into the hostile dictator, according to Independent. It’s a missile that uses GPS and anti-radar technology to stealthily and precisely hit targets up to 500 kilometers away.

The air-to-surface Taurus missile can be dropped by an F-15 fighter jet. It will then be guided by GPS to circumnavigate obstacles and fly at low altitudes for a missile. It also can avoid radar detection, making discovering and shooting one of these out of the sky extremely difficult. Because it’s guided by GPS it can make highly precise strikes, avoiding collateral damage.

The missile was successfully tested by South Korea, flying 400 kilometers before hitting its target near Gunsan. According to the Air Force, it makes for a very powerful weapon. “By precisely hitting a target, the Air Force displayed its ability of making pinpoint strikes on the enemy’s key facilities.”

This type of missile would allow the military to fly in, drop the missile, avoid detection, and strike at the target while avoiding unnecessary damage to surrounding areas. These high precision missiles would no doubt prove formidable in a preemptive strike or during a time of war.

The missile test was in response to North Korea’s recent test of what it claims was a hydrogen bomb, the country’s sixth nuclear weapons test and by far the most powerful. The UN has responded by imposing a number of sanctions on the country and the US has been leaning on China to abide by those sanctions.

According to Independent, last week the US demanded China follow the sanctions laid out by the UN or risk “economic warfare.” The sanctions would require China to cease trade with North Korea on the sale of natural gas and limit the amount of petroleum they’re allowed to sell the country to two million barrels a year.

Steven Mnuchin, US treasury secretary, said if China doesn’t follow these sanctions, they risk having sanctions placed on them as well. “If China doesn’t follow these sanctions, we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the US and international dollar system, and that’s quite meaningful.”

South Korea tests a powerful new weapon. Can they defend themselves against North Korea?

Another weapon that should cause concern for the hostile dictator was demonstrated by the US and South Korea in early August, according to Business Insider. The Hyunmoo-II missile is a “bunker buster” designed to penetrate underground before detonating its payload.

The US and South Korean militaries displayed the weapon’s capabilities during a live test which they filmed and released to the press. According to a spokesman for South Korea’s president, the missile “will be a key component in our kill chain to counter possible North Korean missile attacks.”

While North Korea’s weapons are powerful and pose a dangerous threat, perhaps with the continued display of innovative destruction from the US and South Korea Kim will realize his military might doesn’t stand a chance. Though he may feel safe in his bunker, the militaries opposing him have proven time and time again that they can and will destroy him if necessary.