BREAKING: Kim Jong-un Announces His Next Victim, Please Pray

Earlier this week, North Korea issued a shocking order that has South Korean officials terrified.

North Korean President Kim Jong-un has called for the execution of former South Korean President Park Geun-hye and her spy chief, Lee Byung-ho, for an alleged assassination plot against him. He desires the death penalty the two South Korean leaders what for Jong-un’s government is calling “terrorism,” via Reuters.

“We declare at home and abroad that we will impose the death penalty on traitor Park Geun-hye and ex-director of the puppet intelligence service … criminals of hideous state-sponsored terrorism who hatched and pressed for the heinous plot to hurt the supreme leadership of the DPRK,” the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) stated.

Jong-un is claiming that Park hatched a terrorist plot to destroy his “supreme leadership” just over two years ago. However, South Korea’s NIS (National Intelligence Agency) has denied the claim, stating that allegations of the plot have “no grounds.”

Park has been quoted as saying, “Kim Jong-un does not listen to any voice, and this leads us to view Kim Jong-un’s mental state as uncontrollable.”

Will North Korea reconsider?

Most skeptics don’t think so. It’s not the first time he has issued harsh orders. The dictator has executed more than 300 people in the past six years, including his half-brother Kim Jong-nam,  according to The New York Times.

While it has not been proven that Jong-un was directly involved in his brother’s death, many are convinced that he issued the order.

While Jong-nam was waiting to board a plane in Malaysia, he was sprayed in the face with an unknown liquid by two women most believe to be spies under Jong-un’s regime, employed by North Korea to assassinate the leader’s half-brother for repeated criticism of Jong-un’s leadership. The current Supreme Leader was said to have expressed the fear that his older half-brother might attempt to overthrow him.

Although North Korea is known for its harsh stance on what they perceive to be “terrorist” insults, the current leadership seems to be cracking down on it on a whole new level. What might previously have been taken to the media as a warning to offenders is now being taken into leadership’s hands to be dealt with swiftly.

Some believe that Jong-un’s harsh leadership efforts are a result of his obsessive, almost uncontrollable fears. He is said to have an overpowering fear of being beheaded, as evidenced by the fact that he only travels in secret at night.

Is Jong-un’s order backed by other North Korean officials? Well, of course.

The Ministry of State Security released an ominous statement alluding to the fact that they do:

“Former President Park Geun-hye and former former spy chief Lee Byung-ho, as well as agents of the National Intelligence Service cannot avoid being cruelly killed by anyone, any time and any means from now on. Our supreme leader is a symbol of the dignity and loyalty of our Republic and the whole life and destiny of our army and people.”

North Korea has issued an order that the two be handed over for punishment. Now, more than over, we can be thankful for the alliance between the United States and South Korea — as evidenced by the growing bond between President Trump and President Park Geun-hye.