5 Kids From Gov Housing Write Powerful Message About Confederate Monuments

Confederate statues have come under the cross-hairs of liberals, many having been torn down or removed by local governments to avoid incurring the wrath of the Left.

According to the Independent Journal Review, five youth who live in government housing in Richmond, Virginia, were taken to a Confederate statue and asked their opinion on the statues. Their response was incredible “Is it more convenient to take down some statues than to improve the real problem of society?”

The five teenagers between the ages of 16 and 17 all come from the Section 8 housing in Richmond, Virginia. Craig Dodson, a semi-professional cyclist and founder of the Richmond Cycling Corps nonprofit, saw the growing tension over statues and decided to take these kids to some local Confederate statues.

He said on the Facebook post he took them there, “So they can formulate their OWN opinions before the media frenzy that’s going to ravage through Richmond tomorrow.”

Afterward, the five youth talked amongst themselves and wrote down their thoughts in a lengthy Facebook post that was pretty condemning. “Everybody pointing blame at monument avenue and statues that reside there, but those statues never did anything to me or people that I care about.”

They explained what really harms people: “The only thing that ever harmed people in low-income areas is the violence that resides there in low-income areas. In low-income areas, 5 kids each [the five who visited the monuments today] from a different area [different apartments] collectively knows twenty-two dead [over the past year].”

They demanded to know where the protests were for the current violence and deaths and why people were more upset about statues supposedly representing crimes committed in history than the modern crimes.

They listed the modern crimes being ignored: “From the day we are born we are taught nobody cares and that nobody can help. What if I told you that there were kids starving in your backyards living in rundown buildings? What if I told you that there are kids that rather rob, steal and kill rather than going in the house with nothing to eat?”

They questioned why time and resources are wasted on statue protests and removals instead of helping those in need. “Instead of using money to knock down statues that most people in low-income areas never even seen how about using that money to improve schools, fix up the community that we see every day, or why not protest in our neighborhoods where we see violence and hate the most,” they said.

They finished by criticizing the belief that tearing down the statues accomplishes anything: “Everybody wants to help, but nobody is really helping are they?”

This unique insight shows us the disturbing disconnect liberals have with those in their neighborhoods. They tear down statues claiming it promotes slavery and harms the youth of today while ignoring those youth who are starving and struggling to survive true slavery in the form of low income and poverty.

If half the effort that went into the removal of Confederate statues was directed towards bringing local youth out of poverty and boosting the housing and education for low-income Americans, it would accomplish amazing results and benefit American lives instead of dividing us further as a nation.