URGENT: Pro-Trump “Kid Rock” Is Under Attack – Please Show Support

In the entertainment world, it’s dangerous to be a conservative, and expressing support for anything Trump related can have a significant impact on one’s career potential. Kid Rock is beginning to find this out for himself.

Kid Rock, the musician and a potential candidate in Senate race for Michigan, has come under fire from one civil rights group that wants him banned. They’re trying to cancel his concert because of his criticism of former-NFL quarterback Colin  Kaepernick and for support for President Trump, according to AP News.

After Kid Rock was chosen as the opening act for a new sports arena in Detroit, a largely African-American city, a debate has once again begun to stir regarding race relations. This is mainly because of the singer’s open support of the Confederate flag, criticism over Kaepernick, who refused to stand during the national anthem, and public support for the President.

As such, one civil rights organization is moving to ban Kid Rock’s concerts.

The group in question, the National Action Network, is planning a protest next week through its Detroit chapter. “This is the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Rev. Charles Williams II, president of the organization’s Detroit chapter. “When you hire Kid Rock, who is known to be dog-whistling and catcalling to white-supremacist organizations and the white supremacist community, alt-right, whatever you want to call them, and you take our tax dollars to do that? That’s wrong,” Williams said.

Notice immediately how the rhetoric shifts to talk about “white supremacists,” and how anyone who supports Trump or the confederate flag is supposedly pandering to this nigh mythical group. In truth, there is hardly any real white supremacists left in America. Black Lives Matter is a far more of a supremacist, racist group, with actual calls for racially-motivated violence, but no one is talking about them.

Peter Hammer, director of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights also said that having Kid Rock participate in these concerts considering his beliefs is “incredibly tone death. Everything is different post-Charlottesville, these are moments where you have to act as a matter of character and state what your values are. Everything now is becoming symbolic. That means we have to choose our symbols carefully.”

Kid Rock’s publicist, Kirt Webster, has declined to provide any comment on Hammer’s statements.

What’s even more remarkable is that those condemning Kid Rock don’t seem to care anymore about his contributions to the Detroit Community. The singer had received an award from the NAACP’s Detroit Chapter for his help, and had even told an audience of over 10,000 people that, “I love America, I love Detroit, I love black people.”

How these people can sincerely think Kid Rock panders to white racists when he has openly supported and expressed his love of African-Americans is absolutely astounding.

Increasingly, leftist race-based organizations are ignoring conservatives’ past support of the black community only to demonize them as “racist.” Are these race-based organizations playing the “race card” simply for political purposes?

“I’ve never flown that flag with any hate in my heart. Not one ounce,” said Kid Rock, before announcing a $50,000 donation to Detroit recreation centers.

It seems that the Left is more than willing to cannibalize its own allies for the sake of their ideology. Kid Rock has done much to help the African-American community, but these Leftists, sadly, are too blinded by their hatred of anything conservative to see that.