Kari Lake Fumes as Arizona TV Station Posts Midterm ‘Results’ 12 Days Before Election

In an incident that will likely not help the fractured and contentious relationship between Americans and the establishment media, a local Fox affiliate in Phoenix appeared to have called a gubernatorial race… a whopping 12 days before the election.

KSAZ-TV, the local Fox affiliate in the Valley of the Sun, raised quite a few eyebrows when a widget displayed during the Thursday broadcast showed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs soundly beating Republican candidate Kari Lake.

Here is a screen capture of the widget in question in case you didn’t catch it in the video:

It was a jarring sight to behold for Phoenix news watchers. Not only did Hobbs get that red checkmark denoting she won, but there were also actual vote counts displayed as well.

The widget claimed that Hobbs got 1,252,437 votes and Lake got 1,102,326. It looked like the vote had already happened and was tabulated.

Lake immediately questioned why KSAZ would do this. Of note is that Lake worked there for 22 years as an anchor.

“WOAH.. right after my press conference going after the Media,” Lake tweeted. “Retaliation?”

KSAZ, for its part, swooped in to clarify the error as an honest mistake.

The outlet claimed the appearance of the widget was an erroneous “test.” Interestingly enough, KSAZ also seemed to pass off some of the blame to The Associated Press, which it claimed had conjured up the mysterious tabulations.

A KSAZ poll actually has Lake up double digits against Hobbs, further flying in the face of the incorrect widget.

This week, Lake was largely blamed by Hobbs for a break-in at the Democratic candidate’s political HQ, despite mounting evidence that the incident had absolutely nothing to do with Lake.

Midterm elections will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 8. The Arizona gubernatorial race will be just one of many races decided that day.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.