Kari Lake Breaks the Internet With Epic 2-Word Response to Alleged Contract on Her Life

People have become so used to injustice in the justice system, it was a surprise when Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake actually had a trial scheduled regarding her allegations of irregularities in the 2022 vote. For once, a court actually reviewed evidence of potential election fraud.

According to at least one social media user, Lake presented such a threat that there was a plot developing against her. The message took the form of a warning which was itself a possible attempt at intimidation.

Lake’s classic response showed the same fighting spirit which should have made her the victor of a fair election.

On Tuesday evening, an account in the name of Mitchell Buser messaged Lake, saying, “It was just reported that there is a contract on you. Keep one eye open and you should start wearing a bullet proof vest.”

In the early hours of Wednesday, Lake’s Twitter account addressed Buser with a screenshot of his comment and with a two-word response: “FAFO, Mitchell.”

The term “FAFO” is actually an acronym. The slang reference site the Urban Dictionary translates it as “f*** around and find out,” and notes it as a defiant answer to a challenge or ultimatum.

As reported by the Independent, Twitter CEO Elon Musk gave Kayne West the same brief FAFO answer on December 1 as the rapper sent bizarre anti-Semitic tweets.

The exchange is no longer available, as West did find out after “fooling” around. Ye was suspended from Twitter.

It is unclear who Mitchell Buser is. One possible source on Twitter now reads “Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules.” Perhaps the implied violence towards Lake led to the suspension, although there is no evidence to verify the theory.

A quick glance at the responses to Lake’s “FAFO” tweet shows that she may have indeed broken the internet with her fiery response.

It is also important to note there is no current evidence of a credible threat to Lake’s life. Apart from Buser’s ominous message, there is no credible information out there on a “contract” being put out on Lake. Buser’s wording almost sounds like dated film dialogue as opposed to a valid tip.

Leftists routinely threatens violence when challenged, like when Hawaii Democrat Senator Maize Hirono issued a “literal call to arms” regarding proposed abortion legislation.

It’s not surprising that Lake was targeted with scare tactics. She is an example of a very rare species, a Republican who can effectively counter-punch, and even go on the offensive against the Democrats.

Lake became a lightning rod for political attacks. Establishment media sites such as The Hill derided her as an “election denier.”

Despite the criticism, Lake is the most effective spokesperson for MAGA since Donald Trump himself.

This leads to the question, if Lake was such a powerful candidate, why did she lose?

It remains to be seen if Lake’s defeat was legitimate. Her election challenge trial produced bombshell evidence of ballot tampering and voter disenfranchisement, more than enough to change the outcome of the election.

It is definitely in the realm of possibility there could be opponents out there determined to end Lake’s political career by any means necessary. The Mexican drug cartels have a huge stake in the outcome of Arizona’s elections, and they do not hesitate to use violence.

When Lake gave a flippant answer to an internet troll like Buser, she was also sending a message to much more dangerous foes.

Kari Lake no doubt understood the risks involved by becoming a candidate in a contentious border state. She was brave enough to make that stand, and projects her fearlessness with style.

It’s nice to see a conservative with a spine. It’s even nicer to see it come from Kari Lake.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.