BREAKING: Colin Kaepernick Suffers His Greatest Humiliation To Date – Does He Deserve This?

Colin Kaepernick’s political stances have made him one of the most controversial players in the NFL. However, the immense media attention acquired through his publicity stunts have not helped further Kaepernick’s career.

In the latest blow to Kaepernick’s professional future, he’s been overlooked for a quarterback position with the Miami Dolphins in favor of the retired Jay Cutler, as reported by Bleacher Report.

The move to hire Cutler comes as a surprise to many NFL fans. Cutler retired back in May, as noted by CBS Sports. He claimed to be giving up professional football for a sportscasting gig at Fox Sports.

Because of an injury, Cutler only played five games during his final season with the Chicago Bears. However, he was ranked ninth in value among all quarterbacks in 2015, an achievement that also includes three seasons (from 2006-2008) with the Denver Broncos.

Cutler is 34, which makes his pick over 29-year-old Kaepernick a greater shock to sports enthusiasts. Kaepernick was reportedly under consideration by the Miami Dolphins before they ultimately selected Cutler.

The quarterback slot opened up after Dolphins’ QB Ryan Tannehill suffered a serious knee injury, as reported by NFL. The Dolphins have given Cutler a $10 million contract–with incentives worth $3 million–to come out of retirement.

Kaepernick has been looking for work since opting out of his San Fransisco 49ers contract and becoming a free agent back in March, ESPN reported. Despite the quarterback’s constant presence in the media, he has been unable to land a contract.

Liberal outlets like Al Jazeera blame racism for Kaepernick’s inability to get hired. Yet even leftist publications like Huffington Post admit that 70 percent of NFL players are black. Racism doesn’t seem to be keeping those players from finding work.

Business considerations are the biggest obstacles Kaepernick faces. His liberal acts of protest have hurt NFL viewership, and Breitbart reports that one-fourth of the drop in NFL ratings is due to Kaepernick’s infamous National Anthem protests. Football fans are boycotting the NFL because of Kaepernick’s boycotting of America.

Kaepernick’s leftist political views have not only hurt his chances of being picked up in general–they specifically reduced his chances of being hired by the Miami Dolphins. Back in November of 2016, the Washington Post reported that Kaepernick publicly wore a shirt depicting Fidel Castro’s historic meeting with Malcolm X.

It is clear that Colin Kaepernick under-estimated the damage his race-based protest would do to his career. Do you believe Kaepernick’s political protest led the Dolphins to their decision?

Kaepernick went on to offer praise of Castro. Florida, and Miami in particular, has a high population of Cubans who came to America fleeing the dictatorial Castro regime. For the Dolphins to hire Kaepernick would have been business suicide.

The former 49ers quarterback has received much condemnation for refusing to pay respect to the US National Anthem, as LA Times has reported.  He also protested the 4th of July by traveling to Ghana, in a stunt covered by ESPN. At this point, Kaepernick appears to have made him unhireable. The formerly respected quarterback may wind up spending the rest of his career as a “free agent.”