Just As Hurricane Hits Florida, Trump Bows His Head & Does Something Incredible

Hurricane Irma already looks to be one of the most destructive natural disasters in American history. As President Trump and his administration prepared for this hurricane, the president did something unexpected.

While meeting with his cabinet at Camp David on Wednesday, President Trump bowed his head in prayer, according to a Tweet from Donald Trump. The prayer itself was led by Vice President Mike Pence.

President Trump took to social media to offer his prayers directly to the American people: “All of America continues … to pray for the families affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma which looks like it’s really going to be a bad one. But we’re prepared. We’re as prepared as you can be for such an event…All of America grieves for those who have already lost their lives.”

President Trump’s Twitter account also shared a video of the Camp David meeting. The president wrote, “This is a storm of enormous destructive power, and I ask everyone in the storm’s path to heed ALL instructions from government officials.”

President Trump has always been open about his Christian faith, but few in the mainstream media have paid attention.

President Trump was baptized and confirmed at the First Presbyterian in Jamaica, Queens. President Trump also took his oath of office with his hand on the Bible that his mother gave him after he graduated from the First Jamaica Sunday Church School.

Throughout much of his adult life, President Trump attended Manhattan’s Marble Collegiate Church. Here, Trump fell under the influence of Reformed minister, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. The Reverend Peale was the creator and proliferator of positive thinking, which was distilled in his book The Power of Positive Thinking.

President Trump has been very open about how much this book influenced him. He has also spoken publicly about the influence of Reverend Peale.

“I still remember his sermons. It was unbelievable. And what he would do is he’d bring real-life situations – modern-day situations – into the sermon. And you could listen to him all day long.”

As for Vice President Pence, his strong Christian faith is well known. In May, Vice President Pence shocked the American liberal media establishment by telling truth about worldwide persecution of Christians.

Pence and Trump prayed at Camp David for the hurricane victims. Does it encourage you that our leaders are people of prayer?

Mr. Pence began his life as a Roman Catholic and even served as an altar boy. In college, Pence converted to nondenominational Christianity.  Compared to President Trump, Vice President Pence is considered much more socially conservative as a result of both his Midwestern background and his strong Christian faith.

The Camp David meeting is an apt display of why Christians should rejoice over the fact that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence are America’s leaders. Both of these men take their Christian faith seriously, and both understand the true power of prayer — it is not about changing the facts on the ground, but reaffirming your humbling standing in the face of God and Jesus Christ.

We join President Trump and Vice President Pence in their prayers for those Americans currently in the path of Hurricane Irma. May they and their property survive this awful storm.