WATCH: Judge Napolitano Reveals TRUTH About Mueller’s “Grand Jury” Announcement

Special Counsel Robert Mueller heightened the gravity of his investigation by announcing that he has convened a grand jury in Washintgon. This means he could subpoena witnesses and records in the coming weeks and months.

Although the liberal media is saying the grand jury proves President Trump is guilty, or at least someone from his team is going to jail, nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s why that’s FAKE NEWS: Judge Napolitano laid out the facts to FNC’s Neil Cavuto, saying, “It doesn’t mean that this is going to be over soon. It doesn’t mean it’s going to go on forever. It just means it’s moving methodically, professionally, and there is something there worthy of the grand jury’s attention.”

“It doesn’t mean they have a target. It doesn’t mean they think somebody’s guilty. It just means they need this tool, this instrument called a subpoena, in order to gather more information to decide where to go next,” Napolitano said, according to Fox News.

The liberal media has jumped all over the grand jury announcement, but Judge Napolitano brings a reasonable interpretation to the move. In truth, the FBI, without a grand jury, is essentially “toothless,” only able to request interviews and documents rather than compel them. Although it means Mueller is stepping up in terms of the intensity of the investigation, it can also be interpreted to mean he has failed to find sufficient evidence in the early phases of the investigation, requiring him to resort to forcing people to cooperate with them.

Mueller’s tactics, which include targeting former employees under Trump, have been criticized by some. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort has come under Mueller’s scrutiny, causing concerns that the entire investigation is not an independent one, but instead more of a shakedown.

Mueller has come under fire for other reasons as well. Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), has demanded Mueller resign due to his conflict of interest because of his friendship with former FBI director James Comey. It is also interesting to note that out of the 13 publicly identified attorneys working for Mueller, seven of them have donated to Democrat candidates in the past, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. As more details come out regarding the specifics of Mueller’s investigation, it seems less and less independent.

Robert Mueller’s announcement of a Grand Jury in the Trump-Russia probe is leading many to speculate that indictments are coming. Is the media spinning this move to damage President Trump?

Mueller announced that Greg Andres, a top partner at the major New York law firm Davis, Polk & Wardwell, was joining his team. The liberal media took this as a sign the investigation still has steam. After all, no one of Andres’s stature would leave a successful private practice to join an investigation that’s soon going to die, right?

In reality, the whole situation is more complicated than that, and it seems that Mueller is hunkering down for the long-term. The investigation is built on a house of cards, and President Trump is innocent of any crime, but he is cognizant of the threat this investigation poses to his administration. Will the investigation be downgraded to a “matter”?