BREAKING: Judge Makes Horrifying Antifa Ruling

Many right-wing people online and in person have questioned whether or not BLM and Antifa are the “shock troops” of the liberal establishment. A recent ruling will only feed into these ideas.

One of the most iconic pictures from the 2015 riots in Baltimore shows a man wearing a gas mask and puncturing a firehose then in use by the city’s fire department. Amazingly, Gregory Lee Butler, Jr., the man responsible for this action, was only sentenced to three years of supervised release after pleading guilty, according to the Baltimore Sun

Butler was charged with obstructing firefighters and civil disorder.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Motz declined to sentence Butler to any prison time despite the fact that Butler violated the conditions of his supervised release.

Specifically, Butler failed to pass drug tests and to pay a $100-a-month restitution rate.

During Butler’s original sentencing in November, a deputy fire chief told the court that Butler deserved a second chance: “I think Greg got a second chance to show the city of Baltimore that he’s really sorry for what he did on that day … and we are extremely grateful that so many people in the Baltimore City Fire Department and the judge and a lot of people have decided that Greg is a young man who deserves a second chance.

Clearly, Butler did not consider the kind words of this fire deputy good enough. He also took his great opportunity to avoid jail time and flushed it down the toilet.

While Butler seems like a common thug, Judge Motz deserves the most scorn. Motz is certainly old enough (born in 1942) to know better. Rather than sentence Butler to actual jail time, Judge Motz just extended the man’s probation for another three years.

Such weak justice enforces the idea that Baltimore is tantamount to a lawless city that refuses to crack down on crime.

After all, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who is both black and a Democrat, thus representative of the majority of authority figures in Baltimore, gave rioters in 2015 “space” to do their nefarious deeds.

Baltimore is also emblematic of the “Ferguson effect,” an idea coined by Heather MacDonald. According to MacDonald, ever since the justified shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, police forces across the country have scaled back active policing in order to avoid being called “racist.”

Since many cops are now reluctant to make stops, crime in certain cities has spiraled out of control. In the last thirty days, there have been thirty-one homicides in the city of Baltimore.

In the first summer after the riots, Baltimore experienced its second deadliest year in history with 318 homicides. These figures tell all you need to know about the failure of law and order in the city. Baltimore’s high crime rate may have something to do with the fact that the city is one of the most corrupt in the nation. Earlier this year, federal authorities arrested seven Baltimore police officers and charged them with racketeering.

More recently, a leaked body camera video seems to show a Baltimore police officer planting drugs on a suspect. Such instances do not bode well for the innocent people of Baltimore.