BREAKING: Judge Issues Bombshell Ruling, Liberals Hate It

While there have been bigger stories the past couple of weeks, such as the violent protests and unfortunate deaths in Charlottesville, around the country progress is being made to halt the liberal agenda in its tracks. A new bombshell ruling is going to have them reeling.

Little Rock, Arkansas, is the site of a shocking verdict from a federal appeals court panel this past Wednesday. The panel ruled that Arkansas can legally stop Medicaid funding to the group Planned Parenthood due to disturbing videos released from the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress, according to KATV. This is just one of many cases where states are stopping taxpayer funds from going towards abortions.

The ruling came out 2-1 in favor of the people who believe that human lives are sacred, regardless of whether they are in the womb or out. It is important to note that the Medicaid contract with Planned Parenthood initially ended in 2015.

Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson ended funding when the disturbing videos were leaked. The videos showed Planned Parenthood members bargaining for the price of fetal tissue they apparently intended to illegally sell for profit.

The video was appalling to many, and Planned Parenthood denied they did anything for payments beyond “legally permitted reimbursement of costs,” which is perhaps a nice way of saying they sold fetal tissue.

The final ruling from the court was simply that patients do not have the right to challenge the initial defunding. This prevents people from using their taxpayer funded health care to cover abortions.

In the ruling, it was stated that “Under the Jane Does’ vision, while the provider is litigating its qualifications in the state courts, or after the provider unsuccessfully appeals a determination that is not qualified, individual patients separately could litigate or relitigate the qualifications of the provider in federal court.”

What ended up happening after the shut down in 2015 is that US District Judge Kristine Baker decided that the states should continue three payments to patients who sued over the transition. It later was expanded to allow anyone who wanted to obtain services from Planned Parenthood’s health centers in Arkansas.

Arkansas is not the first state to make a bold decision about abortion recently. According to Life Site News, Texas House Bill 214 was recently passed. The bill will end all state taxpayer funding for abortions.

The Texas bill only applies to “elective” abortions and has one exemption. The only way a taxpayer funded abortion can occur in the state is if it is a medical emergency and the mother’s life is on the line. Otherwise, funds are protected.

Pro-life groups applauded Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the legislature, saying “We applaud Governor Abbott and the work of Texas Right to Life for enacting legislation echoing the sentiment that the killing of unborn children is NOT healthcare.”

On a contrasting note, there are states out there that are doing quite the opposite and encouraging taxpayer funds to go towards abortion. ABC News reports that Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D), signed a bill that would expand the coverage of abortions for people in the state. Those who oppose the bill have remarked that it will force taxpayers to fund some of the costs of abortions, something to which many of those taxpayers morally object.

The states are dividing themselves along the line of taxpayer vs. non-taxpayer abortions. There seems to be an intense moral divide among the two groups, despite the despicable behavior of abortion giant Planned Parenthood.