ALERT: Judge Gives Antifa Leader Terrible News

The violence from the Left has been boiling over since the events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Many people have been able to get away with horrendous crimes over this past year. But justice is being served to one individual who took it too far in April.

Eric Clanton, who used to be a professor at Diablo Valley College, is being charged with an assault that occurred in April 2017. The charges, according to Breitbart, stem from Clanton beating a Trump supporter over the head with a bike lock. When Clanton was done, the supporter was left beaten and bloodied. Now that he has been apprehended and charged, Clanton is not happy.

In fact, he does not seem to be taking any responsibility for his actions, despite the overwhelming evidence. Instead, this Antifa member is blaming the Internet for making his name popular.

Clanton stated, “I’m currently facing years of prison time as a result of accusations made in the most shockingly hateful parts of the Internet. On April 19th I began being targeted by a dedicated swarm of Internet trolls known for spewing racism, xenophobia, and misogyny onto the web.”

Of course, law enforcement doesn’t arrest people for anonymous claims made online. Obviously, there is evidence that cements his role in this horrific act of senseless violence.

BerkeleySide interviewed one of the police officers on the case who revealed some news that Clanton has yet to talk about–the items found in his home during a warranted search of the premises.

A search of Clanton’s home revealed that law enforcement “recovered U-locks, sunglasses, a glove, jeans, and facial coverings” that were worn by the person in the video who used the lock to hit the Trump supporter. The plot thickens from this point.

On top of everything else, they found a camera containing selfies that Clanton had taken of himself wearing the very same items worn by the attacker in the video.

Evidence doesn’t get much more compelling than that. So why is this former professor blaming the Internet for his woes? Maybe he thought that wearing the mask would absolve him of all personal responsibility.

Given his cold, calculating demeanor, that certainly seems to be the case.  He has tried to argue his innocence, but the courts are not hearing it.

He decided to take to his blog to write, “Dealing with an unintelligible Internet force smearing and threatening me online was not easy, and created stress, to say the least, but I had every expectation that very few people would take them seriously, especially considering the character and credibility of their sources.”

Again, Clanton made no mention of the items found in his home that directly link him to the crime. There is no denying that he was involved, regardless of how many times he says he was not there. It would seem that in this case, justice will be served.

Now if the rest of the members of Antifa would get caught and prosecuted, America could make some real progress in reducing the threat of violent Leftists.