BREAKING: Journalist Exposes Sick Thing California Cops Secretly Did For Antifa

The recent string of protests and counter-protests involving the alt-Left group Antifa has raised public awareness of both the far-Left’s violent tendencies and the degree to which Democrat politicians cover up that violence.

A right-wing anti-Marxist rally Sunday resulted in 13 arrests when a large crowd of armed Antifa confronted the protesters and began fighting. As the San Fransisco Chronicle reports, violence broke out because the police were ordered to stand down, removing protections that were supposed to be in place for the right-wingers.

The anti-Marxist rally was originally given a space to assemble at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Park in the city of Berkeley. Some 400 police officers were stationed to ensure the safety of the demonstrators.

To prevent fights from breaking out, law enforcement took the intelligent measures of setting up barricades and stopping anyone who entered a single checkpoint. Police screened individuals, confiscating banned items like skateboards, eggs, and anything else that could be used as weapons.

But things quickly changed when hundreds of Antifa protesters arrived shortly after the rally’s commencement at 1 pm. Police gave way to the masked, black-clad agitators, stepping down from their positions and retreating to a far-off location on the outskirts of the park.

Without police there to maintain order, Antifa walked through the barricades and pounced on the right-wing demonstrators, beating and pepper-spraying them. Boasting numbers that far-exceeded the right-wingers, Antifa formed mobs and chased down the demonstrators.

A video of the scene posted to Twitter showes a group of Antifa using sticks and their feet to beat a fallen man who is curled up on the ground. A black man is seen coming to the assaulted individual’s assistance before the video cuts off.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, dozens of Antifa are seen chasing down a pair of right-wingers, who only escaped being beaten when they quickly made their way to the police on the outskirts of the park.

Antifa has run practically unabated since President Trump took office. They are active all over the country, even being labeled a domestic terror group in New Jersey, as reported by The Daily Caller. However, it is in California that Antifa has made its most publicized acts, using violence and intimidation to stop right-wing personalities from speaking.

At a Sunday rally in Berkeleypolice were ordered to stand down. Predictably, violence broke out. Do you agree with the decision for police to stand down?

As Red Alert Politics noted, Antifa organized volatile protests against the appearances of Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, and Ben Shapiro at the University of California, Berkeley. According to CNN, Antifa caused $100,000 of property damage to UC Berkeley in shutting down Yiannopoulos’s event, igniting fires and assaulting innocent passersby, including women.

Politicians have largely turned a blind eye to Antifa’s antics. That includes prominent Republicans like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Breitbart observed that Romney blasted President Trump for claiming Antifa is as responsible for the violence at Charlottesville as the white supremacists.

Trump is one of the few people in Washington who has been willing to name Antifa a violent group, calling them out at his Phoenix rally last week, as recorded by Time. The president’s remarks are sparking new discussion about the dangerous nature of alt-Left violence in America.