ALERT – John Kerry Caught Embezzling Tax Dollars For Sick Reason

John Kerry, former presidential candidate and secretary of state under the Obama administration, has largely been out of the political spotlight since Obama left office.

However, it was recently revealed that Kerry funneled money to his daughter’s non-profit organization. More than $9 million of State Department money (i.e. taxpayer dollars) were funneled through the Peace Corps to a non-profit foundation created and run by Kerry’s daughter, Dr. Vanessa Kerry. (via Daily Caller)

According to records, it turns out that the Department of State funded Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s Peace Corps program which in turn “awarded” the funds to another non-profit Kerry created for the program.

Seed Global Health, Kerry’s organization, secured a three-year contract and $2 million of State Department funding back in 2012. At the time, John Kerry was chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and oversaw the Peace Corps. He was in the perfect situation to direct where the government funding would flow.

Seed secured another four-year contract in 2015, again without any competition, as well as $6.4 million dollars. Documents have come out detailing how Kerry and government officials colluded to launch the program and ensure there would be no competition.

“Vanessa, Buck, and Sarah are meeting with Ambassador Goosby…to discuss next steps,” a memo from 2011 reads, one year before Seed got its first contract. “…conservations with OGAC leadership confirm that Ambassador Goosby is very supportive of the initial proposal.” (via Peace Corps Meeting Notes)

One month later, arrangements were made to embezzle funds into the program. “The process can be fast tracked and non-competed through a specific grant mechanism,” the minutes of the meeting said.

The meeting also revealed how the State Department was able to keep from notifying Congress about the program by hiding it in a massive document with many large programs so that Seed would hopefully go under the radar. The notes read, “the GHSP is a smaller line item in a multi-page document with multi-million dollar programs.”

Even more unusual, the Peace Corp noted that contracts could not be extended beyond five years, yet they violated its five-year policy in this case by giving Seed seven years of funding – all competition free.

Breitbart investigators asked Mark Marino, spokesman for Seed Global Health if it was ethical that the organization received federal funding while Kerry was Secretary of State. Marino replied, “No conflict of interest exists in Seed Global Health’s partnership with Peace Corps and the US government.” (via Breitbart)

It’s hard to believe that Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s pet project didn’t receive any special treatment at all from the government, especially with her father being in charge of funding. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise, as other high ranking politicians, like the Clintons, have had a history of using their positions in public offices to line the pockets of their personal foundations.

Kerry is a prominent Democrat. Should he be investigated for possible embezzlement?

What is curious is why the Kerrys have to resort to this elaborate embezzling scheme to funnel money into this pet project. Kerry’s net worth has been estimated at around $194 million, and Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s mother came from a wealthy family herself.

With such vast personal wealth, $8 million is not a large figure. Why wouldn’t the Kerrys fund their own projects through personal donations rather than swindling it from American taxpayers? Your answer is as good as mine.