BREAKING: Jesse Jackson’s Dark Secret Exposed, This Is Horrifying

Rev. Jesse Jackson has been a civil rights champion for the Left for years, but he may have been hiding some disturbing secrets.

According to the Daily Mail, on Tuesday, Danielle Young, a journalist for The Root claims Rev. Jackson was sexually inappropriate with her during a picture-taking session. She alleges, “As I walked within arm’s reach of him, Jackson reached out a hand and grabbed my thigh, saying, ‘I like all of that right there!’”

The horrifying moment happened three years ago in Chicago according to an article written by Ms. Young. She says it started when she went up to greet him. “I walked toward Jackson, smiling, and he smiled back at me. His eyes scanned my entire body. All of a sudden, I felt naked in my sweater and jeans.”

Once she had gotten close to him for the photos, it was then that he groped her.

She says she was stunned that Jackson would behave in such a sexually inappropriate manner. She relates that there were witnesses to the event who tried laughing it off. “A few of my co-workers saw Jackson’s hand grip my thigh as it was happening, and they laughed harder than I did.”

Ms. Young says it concerned her that her friends were laughing it off, almost as if it were a joke, “Their laughter didn’t feel like the same type of nervous laughter I had when my thigh was in his hand. Theirs was as if they had just heard the best joke ever. It was almost an encouragement of Jackson’s behavior. I’m not blaming them; I’m just curious as to why most of them thought what happened was more funny than alarming. That’s concerning.”

Unsure how to react to the moment, Ms. Young says she giggled nervously. “I did what most women in an uncomfortable position do: I giggled. And I continued to giggle as he pulled me in closer, stared down at my body, smiled and told me he was only kidding.”

A spokesperson for the Rainbow Push Coalition, a nonprofit which pursues numerous liberal issues, issued a response to the allegations on behalf of Rev. Jackson. “Although Rev. Jackson does not recall the meeting three years ago, he profoundly and sincerely regrets any pain Ms. Young may have experienced.”

Sadly this isn’t the first allegation of inappropriate behavior filed against Rev. Jackson. The first came from Tommy Bennett, an openly gay former employee of the Rainbow organization who filed a wrongful termination complaint in 2011 citing sexual harassment and discrimination.

Mr. Bennett claims that he was forced to clean up hotel rooms Rev. Jackson had used for his sexual romps with women — an allegation Rev. Jackson utterly denies.

Is Jesse Jackson guilty of this?

This latest sexual harassment allegation comes on the heels of a number of other sexual harassment claims leveled against various celebrities and high profile figures, such as famous actor Kevin Spacey and film director Harvey Weinstein.

If the claims against Rev. Jackson are true, it would be a disturbing revelation regarding the supposed moral civil rights champion of the Left.