WATCH: Jesse Jackson Says Trump Is Going To Hell, Guess He Forgot About This

Well-known civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson recently made some bold claims about President Trump. Among other things, he said that President Trump would end up in hell.

It is strange that a Reverend would have such a harsh opinion of President Trump. What makes this statement so interesting is that Jackson seems to have forgotten about some of the statements he made back in the late 90’s. While Jackson just recently said that Trump is going to Hell, a video has resurfaced from the late 1990’s in which he praises Trump for a lifetime of helping the African-American community.

Jackson’s recent rant happened on C-SPAN, and it got quite messy. Jackson stated, “The statues must come down, Electoral College must come down.”

The National Action Network’s March in Washington, DC was the event that spurred Jackson’s comments. The event is essentially a Democrat-funded rally that seeks to bring African-Americans to the left.

Jackson claims that the statues are links to the past that need to be destroyed, according to The Daily Wire. Oddly enough, the reverend has never seemed to care until now. One would have thought that he would have spoken out against these statues before now.

Eventually, Jackson got on the topic of the president directly. He stated that “Jesus’ kingdom” does not meet the requirements to come here, and therefore Trump does not meet the requirements to get into “Jesus’ kingdom.” What on Earth is he talking about?

He directly stated, “Trump says you must be able to speak the language of English, qualified, and have a job skill. Jesus would not qualify to come in Trump’s country, he would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom.”

It seems low to invoke the name of Jesus just to prove a political point, especially from a Reverend, but here we are. Jackson then went on to quote the Book of Matthew’s passage about helping people who are underprivileged.

He seems to have forgotten that by helping everyone, we are neglecting the people that have lived here their entire lives. Furthermore, he is insulting every single immigrant that has ever come to the United States legally.

Aside from all of this, how could he have forgotten the close connection Jackson and Trump shared back in the 90s? If President Trump was so willing to help him and was so excited about the opportunity to do the right thing for someone, how could he be considered a racist?

Many people on the left lack an answer to this question, and instead, will parrot platitudes about how Trump is a bigot — with no evidence to back their claims. It seems this is a recurring pattern with left-wing supporters, who continue to make false claims against our president who has done nothing wrong.

It would be helpful if people would remain consistent, and refrain from making such bold claims. There is no need to mix politics and religion when talking about the president, especially from a Reverend.