ALERT: Jeff Sessions Is Under Attack – Please Pray

It appears as if the Deep State might be striking back.

Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions began cracking down on leakers in the White House. Now, the media has been running news stories designed to humiliate Sessions, Breitbart News reports .

Of course, most of these stories are citing anonymous sources. The New York Times received details of a meeting where President Donald Trump allegedly castigated the Attorney General after finding out that Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel in the Russia investigation.

According to The Times, President Trump met with some of his top advisors to decide who should replace recently-fired FBI Director James Comey on May 17. During the meeting, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein called White House Counsel Don McGahn and informed him that he had appointed Mueller as special counsel to conduct the investigation into Russia’s attempted interference in the 2016 election.

The anonymous source told The New York Times that when the call ended,

“Mr. Trump lobbed a volley of insults at Mr. Sessions, telling the attorney general it was his fault they were in the current situation. Mr. Trump told Mr. Sessions that choosing him to be attorney general was one of the worst decisions he had made, called him an ‘idiot,’ and said that he should resign. An emotional Mr. Sessions told the president he would resign and left the Oval Office.”

The reason why Trump supposedly blames Sessions is because the Attorney General recused himself from the Russia investigation — allegedly because of his role as a Trump campaign surrogate. He wanted to avoid any appearance of impropriety in the investigation.

Sessions recused himself, thus allowing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein control over the investigation, which was why he was able to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel. Trump has previously criticized Sessions on Twitter for recusing himself from the case.

According to The New York Times, there were only a few people attending the meeting. These included Sessions, Vice President Mike Pence, Donald F. McGahn II, and some aides. The anonymous sources seem to be people who were told about the meeting from an individual that was present during the meeting.

Unfortunately, leaks in the White House have been nothing new since President Trump took office. Since then, the administration has experienced a significant number of incidents where key officials leak sensitive — and sometimes classified — information to the press. However, these recent leaks appear to be retaliation for Sessions’ stated intention of cracking down on leakers.

Media out to humiliate Sessions, after Sessions vows crackdown on leakers. Will Sessions be able to root the leakers out?

Sessions recently stated that the Justice Department was considering using polygraph machines to determine who is leaking information. Axios published a story stating that he wanted to put each member of the National Security Council through lie detector tests.

Sessions decided to take a more aggressive approach towards leaking when transcripts of the president’s phone calls with the Mexican president and Australian prime minister were given to the press. He suspects that the leaking of those documents came from the National Security Council.

Leaking has become an increasingly serious issue in the White House. Many believe that the Trump administration should have stepped up their efforts a long time ago. However, the notion that Sessions’ efforts against leakers would meet with pushback is not surprising, given the current political climate. The Trump administration may succeed in rooting out the leakers, but the “anonymous sources” will not go down without a fight.