ALERT: Jeff Flake Attacks Trump, He’s Gone Too Far

Arizona Republican Jeff Flake has styled himself as the most visible anti-Trump “conservative” in the United States. A hot mic recently caught Flake spilling the beans about his feelings.

While talking to Mesa, Arizona Mayor John Giles, Flake was overheard saying, “If we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast.” 

Flake has defended these comments by (correctly) saying that these comments conform to everything that he has said publicly.

On Twitter, Flake simply tweeted, “No news here. I’ve been saying this to anyone who will listen.”

Flake’s comments, while not surprising, do show how amazingly out-of-touch establishment Republicans like Flake are. They sincerely believe that “Trumpism,” or economic populism, nationalism, and a conservative foreign policy, is a poisoned chalice for the GOP.

All one has to do is look about what Flake-like Republicans have conserved to see that they are the ones who are “toast.”

First of all, the most important policy decision of the George W. Bush administration was the War on Terror. Establishment Republicans have routinely supported increased U.S. military interventions in the Middle East and Central Asia. By 2017, the U.S. has spent $685 billion in Afghanistan. All the American taxpayer has gotten out of this investment is a corrupt government in Kabul and a resurgent Taliban.

In Iraq, internecine warfare between Kurds, Shi’ites, and Sunnis continues to be a daily issue, while only now, after three years, is ISIS close to complete defeat in the country.

On the social front, this is what Jeff Flake and his ilk have accomplished: legalized gay marriage, the maintenance of Obamacare, a trillion-dollar debt, and “immigration reform” that is no different from open-borders liberalism.

Virginia was once a reliably Republican state. However, thanks to decades of establishment Republican control and international and internal immigration of left-wing voters, Virginia is now all but lost to Republicans.

There is also a grand irony in Flake claiming that Trump, Moore, and populist Republicans are “toast.” It was Flake who decided to bow out of his upcoming election race because his chances of winning were essentially slim to none. Even voters in Arizona, who have consistently returned John McCain to Congress, have had enough of the milquetoast centrist Flake. He is the one who is “toast.”

Whether Flake likes it or not, but the Republican Party is now a Trumpist party. Flake’s brand of neoconservatism fell out of favor with working class Americans years ago, while President Trump’s poulist nationalist continues to turn formerly Democrat voters Republican all over the country. It was Trump who flipped Wisconsin and Michigan, not all of those highly-touted candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain. It was also Trump who did better among college-educated white women, blacks, and Hispanics than his Republican predecessors.

Even Roy Moore, who has faced several allegations of sexual harassment, has proven to be more popular than Flake, who supports a bankrupt brand of “conservatism.” The Republican Party, if it wants to succeed, needs more Trumps and less Flakes. It’s that simple.