BREAKING: Japan Issues Terrifying N. Korea Warning

Japan has entered high alert as it prepares its residents for what it believes is a potential nuclear attack by North Korea.

During a terrifying, thirty-second, television broadcast nationwide, citizens of Japan were told to be ready for the worst by taking shelter lying on the ground should North Korea launch a missile at Japan. The broadcast by the Japanese government comes in the wake North Korea’s repeated missile tests that are gradually increasing in frequency and success rate. (via The Sun)

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s dictator, has been consistently defying U.N. sanctions to cease and desist its nuclear weapons testing for largely unknown reasons. Intelligence has revealed that Jong-un is working to develop a nuclear missile capable of striking the U.S. and is coming very close to achieving this goal. Currently, North Korea is capable of striking at South Korea and Japan.

Forty-three television stations and at least 70 newspapers in Japan will be advertising the chilling announcement from now until early July. Japan has been conducting numerous evacuation drills and giving out survival guidelines recommending residents to, “seek shelter in sturdy buildings or underground.”

The Japanese government has also prepared for an attack with their satellite-based J-Alert warning system. The satellite will detect the missile launch and determine if the trajectory is directed at Japan. Once it makes this assessment, it immediately issues an alert across public speakers installed throughout the country, warning citizens to take cover.

Many in Japan claim they are merely concerned, but not terribly worried, about a potential attack. Yet  sales of bomb shelters, gas masks, and radiation-blocking air purifiers have exploded in Japan. Many analysts believe this was the result of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issuing a statement that he believed North Korea might have the ability to send missiles loaded with sarin nerve gas to Japan.

The U.S. has been gearing up for potential conflict with North Korea by installing anti-missile defenses and stationing nearly 28,500 troops in the area. The Pentagon also conducted a test in May of its missile defense system by launching a target missile and successfully shot it down with a long-range interceptor from California. It was the first time the system was tested with a missile launched at an intercontinental target.

China, North Korea’s closest ally, has been scrambling to bring its ally under control and ease tensions in the area. In an international security conference in Singapore, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said the Trump administration was grateful for China’s efforts to remove North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and establish diplomatic relations.

Acknowledging the ever-present tension between the U.S. and China, he said, “While competition between the U.S. and China, the world’s two largest economies, is bound to occur, conflict is not inevitable. Our two countries can and do cooperate for mutual benefit. We will work closely with China where we share a common cause.”

Tensions have been high between North Korea and the U.S. with Trump issuing several warnings by increasing military presence in the area, which has put China is a precious position. Diplomatic efforts have repeatedly failed, despite ongoing attempts, and many of the neighboring nations are preparing for what they feel is an inevitable war.