Prior speeches from SCOTUS nominee Jackson reveal support for anti-American racist ideas like CRT and ‘1619 Project’

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Joe Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court, is rightly being scrutinized ahead of her Senate confirmation hearings for her prior rulings, legal writings, and even speeches to determine her judicial philosophy and where she stands on certain issues.

That has led to the revelation that Judge Jackson has previously spoken approvingly and in support of things like Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, and other racially divisive ideas, Breitbart‘s Joel Pollack reported.

That is a problem, Pollack says since the underlying foundation of those ideas is that American laws and the U.S. Constitution are fundamentally and systemically racist — a view that seemingly undermines and runs counter to the very job Judge Jackson has been nominated for, to interpret and uphold the Constitution.

Support for BLM, CRT, and “The 1619 Project”

The Daily Wire reviewed several lectures and speeches delivered by Judge Jackson over the past several years and came across several examples of her espousing or paying tribute to highly divisive and anti-American progressive ideas like Critical Race Theory and systemic racism.

One particular example was a January 2020 speech Jackson delivered at the University of Michigan Law School in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day that was focused on “Black Women Leaders In The Civil Rights Movement Era And Beyond.”

In that speech, Jackson approvingly referenced the 1993 book “Faces At The Bottom Of The Well: The Permanence Of Racism” by late author Derrick Bell, who has been credited as the “founder” and “godfather” of the Critical Race Theory movement. The book itself is described as “a pioneering contribution to critical race theory scholarship, and it remains urgent and essential reading on the problem of racism in America.”

Also referenced in a supportive manner was The New York Times’ “The 1619 Project” by essayist Nikole Hannah-Jones, which presents a deeply-flawed and skewed rewrite of American history to assert that the nation’s true founding was in 1619 when the first slaves arrived and that the American Revolution, and thus everything that followed after that, was fought not for freedom against British rule but to maintain and enshrine slavery in the New World.

The Daily Wire also highlighted a few other examples of lectures or speeches by Judge Jackson in which she acknowledged that Critical Race Theory and other racially-divisive ideas that stem from it have informed and shaped her overall outlook and philosophy as a judge.

This should be disqualifying

Breitbart’s Pollack argued that Jackson’s professed belief in such ideas — which fundamentally question the basis and authority of the United States and its Constitution — suggests that it is “impossible for her to serve in good faith on the Supreme Court.”

Referencing Critical Race Theory, “The 1619 Project,” and the Black Lives Matter movement, he wrote, “If these are Judge Jackson’s influences, she has no place on the Supreme Court. We cannot have a Justice who believes the Constitution is racist; who believes America was founded on slavery; or who believes police are guilty until proven innocent.”

Pollack went on to note that at least one of former President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees — former prosecutor Ryan Bounds — had been forced to withdraw due to old writings from his college years that expressed views on race and politics that were only marginally outside the mainstream.

“There cannot be a double standard on civil rights,” he concluded. “If a Republican nominee had to withdraw because of skepticism of racial politics as a student, a Democratic nominee with radical racial views in the present day should not be on the Supreme Court.”