ALERT: Jackie Robinson’s Wife Issues Shock Message To Anthem Protesters

The controversial kneeling in the NFL is causing quite a stir around the country. One can’t help but wonder how sports stars of the past would feel about the current situation.

Legendary Brooklyn Dodgers player Jackie Robinson sadly passed away many years ago. Rachel Robinson, his wife, recently had an impromptu interview where she was able to express her feelings on the matter, as well as what her husband would say or do if he had the option to kneel during today’s protests. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mrs. Robinson confirmed that she does not think that her husband would kneel given the chance, according to The Washington Times

TMZ met up with Robinson at the Los Angeles International Airport last Wednesday and asked her about her husband. Jackie Robinson is known for being the first African American player in the Major League Baseball.

In typical TMZ fashion, they probed and asked if Mrs. Robinson thought her husband would kneel during the national anthem.  She responded, “I have no idea, but I doubt it.”

TMZ, clearly shocked that Mrs. Robinson didn’t immediately bend to the social justice mentality, asked her, “You think he would have stood?” They were probing for confirmation.

She answered again, “I think so. I don’t know. That generation — It’s different.” Mrs. Robinson is apparently referring to the significant differences between the generation that was recovering from serious social injustice, and the current generation of people who are not currently facing any oppression.

Mrs. Robinson continued, “I don’t know, and it’s not fair for me to even speak of him since he’s been gone for quite a few years.” In sharing what she thinks about her husband’s response, her own opinion seemed to emerge.

The kneeling controversy has been a back and forth argument between NFL players, coaches, fans, and news outlets, which began with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick initially started kneeling to battle “racial injustice” as well as “police brutality.”

Talk of protests began to die down at the end of last year’s NFL season. The following year, Kaepernick was unable to find a job, which caused players to accuse the NFL of racism instead of looking at the true cause.

The simple truth is that Kaepernick was not a great quarterback — he also stirred up controversy and will forever have that baggage attached to him. For these reasons, no one wants to sign him. No one is obligated to hire him.

Mrs. Jackson helped shed some light on what stars of the past would think of this event if they were here to see it. If anything, they would likely be disgusted at the anti-American rhetoric going on. Everyone in the NFL should keep that in mind moving forward.

If major league sports players want to make a difference, they should try going out there and actually make a difference. The whole kneeling thing has become nothing more than an attempt gain media attention. If these players honestly believe that there is a problem with systematic racism and police brutality, they should go out to the affected communities and do something there.