Ivanka Trump Worries Fans Following Her Mother’s Death – Something’s Changed

Supporters of former first daughter Ivanka Trump are expressing concerns about her well-being after her mother’s death.

Observers have noticed a much thinner version of Trump on social media, and have finally begun speaking up about it.

“Love you but you need to eat. Not looking well at all,” one fan commented on Trump’s Instagram account, according to SheFinds.

“Don’t get me wrong it’s not body shaming, I’m just concerned. You’re always beautiful and I’m sure you’ll be the first female president of the US, please take care,” another Instagram comment read.

“You lost so much weight since your mom passed away,” a different commenter said.

That last comment is a key factor in this, at least according to what some are surmising online.


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Ivanka’s mother, Ivana, passed away in July, and it’s clearly been weighing on her.

Just look at this touching Instagram post:


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“This is the first holiday season since the passing of my mother. It’s true: grief during the holidays can be harder than any other time of the year,” Trump posted alongside a photo of her younger self and Ivana.

“Learning to celebrate differently is a challenge. I am trying to be kind, patient and compassionate with myself and honor and make space for all of the emotions I am experiencing. New memories are being made, my children’s laughter is abundant, my 96-year-old grandma’s presence at our table brings us all joy, yet the void is undeniable.

“The loss of a parent is one of life’s very painful passages for which one is never fully prepared. It hits at the very core of your being. And it takes a good amount of time to emerge from how it dislocates you.

“To all who have experienced the loss of a loved one this year, may hope sustain you, may good memories provide you comfort, may friends and family surround you, and may love give you strength.”

Ivanka’s closeness to her mother is palpable from that post, and it’s evident that Ivana’s passing had a huge impact on her.

To be clear, this story isn’t meant to speculate on what could be going on with Ivanka, particularly in regard to her physical appearance.

People handle grief in different ways. She could also be dealing with any number of other personal or family issues.


One can only imagine the added stress of being a Trump in this particularly anti-Trump establishment media environment.

Perhaps Ivanka appears thinner for all of the aforementioned reasons. Perhaps for none of them.

But what is abundantly clear is that no matter how famous or rich you are, there is no salve for the pain of losing a loved one, especially a parent.

Besides, true wealth is receiving a groundswell of support and prayer when people notice something is amiss or that you’re hurting.

And based on those Instagram comments, Ivanka Trump has wealth aplenty.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.