ALERT: ISIS Terrorist Pleads Guilty In “Beheading’ Plot In Shock State

In today’s day and age, we are sadly seeing more and more instances of people becoming radicalized by Islam. One such case finally went to trial, and the story left everyone in the courtroom stunned.

A Boston, Massachusetts, man, David Wright, 28, was found guilty and is now facing time for five criminal charges of trying to work with his uncle and his friend to behead blogger Pamela Geller.  According to Reuters, he wanted to behead Geller because she held a contest where people drew the Islamic prophet, Mohammed. They also had plans to attack police officers that were set up by Wright’s uncle who was killed by police at a later time.

Out of all five charges, the most serious one he is facing is conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries. The sentence for that particular crime is life in prison.

US District Judge William Young announced that his sentencing would occur on December 19th. Wright showed no physical reaction when the guilty verdict was announced.

The three and a half week trial consisted of federal prosecutors showing overwhelming evidence of Wright’s guilt. The main base of operation for their planning occurred in the small Boston suburb of Everett.

Leading up to his planning, prosecutors revealed that Wright was purposefully exposing himself to large amounts of ISIS propaganda. This propaganda only fueled his radicalization.

There was also evidence that Wright was speaking with members of ISIS in Syria. There are no details of what was talked about, but it isn’t hard to figure out the general theme of the conversation.

Wright recruited his uncle Usamaah Abdullah Rahim and his friend Nicholas Rovinski to help him work out his plan of beheading Pamela Geller. Geller organized a contest called “Draw Mohammed” in Texas as a way to fight back against the radical Muslims and express free speech. Wright was offended by this plan and convinced his uncle and friend that something needed to be done.

Ironically, at the “Draw Mohammed” contest two shooters attacked the event and were shot dead. This infuriated Wright and propelled him to plan for how he could get his hands on Geller.

Assistant US Attorney Stephanie Siegmann confirmed with the Jury, “You heard them talking about beheading.” Siegmann was referencing a call that had been recorded that had been obtained between two of the men.

David Wright was recruiting people to behead a famous blogger. Should he go to prison?

Wright’s uncle, Rahim, became irritated with the plan and said that he would instead just attack the police in Massachusetts. At a grocery store, he was stopped by police. Once stopped he pulled out a knife in an attempt to attack the police and they were forced to shoot him. He died from the gunshot wounds.

Wright claimed that he had no intention of attacking Geller. He said that he was living in a “fantasy world” and was not doing anything wrong, just role-playing. It could have been the recorded phone call, or his communications with ISIS in Syria, but they didn’t believe him. Wright will be sentenced in December.